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Beyond Translating

At JCS, our translation team is made up of more than 1000 world-class translators. We take pride in our more than 50 years of experience with successful translations, and are confident of our ability to bring you success as well. Our team of exceptional coordinators will work with you to ensure prompt yet high quality translations regardless of the language and field.


We at JCS utilize our extensive experience in translating for international conferences to provide media translation services, including video translation, covering areas that require a high level of expertise.
We also offer every service from arranging for suitable narrators/dubbing artists to studio recording, and are perfect for complete video production.

Our Trial Translation Service

We at JCS offer our clients a trial translation service to choose the translator. Before starting the translation, the coordinator selects several translators, has them complete a trial translation, and then you choose from those.

  • STEP 1

    Translator Selection

    • We receive your information from the contact form.
    • Using the information from the contact form, translators are selected, and we provide you with their profiles.
  • STEP 2


    • Our translators translate part of your document, done at no charge to you.
    • Based on the trial translations, you choose the translator.
  • STEP 3

    The translation then formally starts.

    • Our coordinator contacts you to get your feedback about the trial regarding things such as the writing style and specialized language.
    • Those items are then communicated to the translator, who then translates them.

One Stop Translation Services

  • DTP Design Services

    We at JCS have a variety of DTP services to meet your needs. In addition to assisting you with creating effective documents in the original language, we can ensure your documents are effective in every language with our DTP services.

  • Video Editing and Equipment

    We at JCS have an extensive track record of success helping our clients with adding subtitles, dubbing or narration to videos. Our experienced team, sourcing a studio with audio visual equipment together with video crew, stands by to ensure your success.

  • Onsite Services

    JCS is ready to meet your onsite needs as well. Our team can be onsite and make a summary or transcribe voice data from almost any data source, so you can have your results quicker.

  • Language Solutions

    At JCS we have more than 50 years of experience with helping our clients overcome their language issues and achieve success in a variety of areas. In addition to translating, we have helped out clients achieve success with copywriting, medical writing, presentations, and videos.

Translators, Are You Looking to Join Team JCS?

We at JCS are regularly looking for world-class translators to join our team. To find out more about what this takes, go to the page below and, if you think you have what it takes to join our team of freelance translators, please apply. We will send registration documents to those who pass our initial screening.