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Our Corporate Philosophy

JCS was established as the first PCO in Japan, and our corporate philosophy has been created based on the fruits of our regular communication with people throughout the world.
Since JCS was established, we have been continually contributing to the advancement of society through communication. Through this, we ensure the happiness of not only all the people we interact and connect with, but do so for people throughout the world. We are continually overjoyed and proud of JCS as a continuing corporate citizen.

Management Philosophy

JCS always responds to the needs of society and continues to create new ways of communication, and our management philosophy arises from this. Through communication, our clients' thoughts and wishes are expressed, and value is thereby created. This is not only our management philosophy, but it guides everything we do.

Principles of Conduct

At JCS, our principles of conduct form not simply a policy our employees follow, but our employees use it as a basis for each and every action they take. There is our corporate symbol, which is a visual representation of our principles of conduct. Our corporate symbol is made up of 5 words, which together form parts of a body.

Our principles of conduct have sincerity and love, being the two legs, which support the body. Professionality, which has been a fundamental part of our spirit since our founding, and change, which was born from our pioneering spirit, are the two arms. Finally, unite, which is responsible for the continual creation of new energy, is the head.


Don’t be trapped by what is just in front of you, but rather expand and connect everything.
Through communication, JCS is able to connect people from all over the world. By connecting and linking even two people and their energy , the result isn’t simply doubling the amount of energy but increasing it exponentially.


We have to change.
In order to meet our clients’ needs, we not only have to respond flexibly at the pace demanded now, but have to while continually changing to provide higher quality, more cost effective and prompter service. Only those who change will continue to meet clients’ ever evolving needs, and therefore only those who change will survive.


At JCS, we are filled with love.
We love each and every one of our clients, our coworkers, our coworkers’ families, and our partners. Through love, communication is created, and this results in true power being created.


At JCS, we must act with professionality for everything we do.
Each and every one of our coworkers acts with professionality, and none of them are afraid of doing so, no matter the cost.


At JCS, we must act with sincerity for everything we do. Acting with sincerity enables our continued existence, and forms the basis of true power.