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Our Clients

JCS has provided high-quality translation services in various fields by using its experiences of conventions and largescale international conferences. By “systematizing” our ability to coordinate by accumulating various assignments, we can arrange the best match suitable to your budget and purpose.

  • No. of assignments

    per year

  • No. of clients

    > 1000

  • Rate of repeaters

    85% +

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

    We respond to your request for using certain technical terms or comparing/adjusting with the existing English translation. The use of a translation support tool enables us to flexibly handle large assignments in a short period.

  • IR/Publicity

    Based on our experience of over 50 years in the translating handouts as well as operating shareholder meetings, JCS has strong expertise in the IR field. Through our diverse service lineup of translation, interpretation, transcription, and production, we can respond to various requests.

Examples of Solutions in Medical/Pharmaceutical Fields

  • Type of documents

    • GMP/GDP documents
    • Investigator’s brochure
    • Study protocol/report
    • Clinical/non-clinical study reports
    • Application documents
    • Pre-publication paper
    • Public relations materials of new drug release, etc.
    • Advisory board proceedings
    • Other documents (please contact us)

Specific cases


  • Translation of the materials for the inspection by FDA, etc. and prompt response to additionally required translation during inspection (Major pharmaceutical company: English translation of 1.3 million characters in three weeks)

Clinical trial materials

  • Handled by the translators/medical writers with proper qualifications such as an MD/Ph.D. or doctor of pharmacology or with practical experiences at pharmaceutical companies at home or abroad (Major pharmaceutical company: English translation of 6 million characters in six months)

Seminar report

  • One-stop service covering shooting at press releases, interviews, transcriptions, article writing, translations, and bookbinding

Advisory board

  • Transcription and minutes writing from voice data and minutes writing on-site by our professional staff

Translator information

  • Translator A: Doctor of pharmacology
  • Translator B: Experience at pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad after acquiring a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in the US
  • Translator C: Pharmacist with experience at a university hospital and medical device manufacturer
  • Translator D: Experience at a pharmacological research institute of a chemical product manufacturer

Examples of Solutions in IR/Publicity Fields

  • Type of documents

    • Earnings summary
    • Results briefing materials
    • Quarterly reports
    • Notice of shareholder meeting
    • Securities filings
    • Financial statements
    • Annual reports
    • Other documents (please contact us)

Specific cases

Annual report

  • Shorter delivery time and higher quality is ensured by providing a one-stop service covering the whole production process from translation to pamphlet/brochure making

Earnings summary

  • High-quality translation in a short period is enabled by the accumulated data of past materials and effective use of translation tools

Shareholder meeting

  • A comprehensive service covering translation, interpretation, meeting management, and real-time transcription service of projecting speeches on a venue screen

Results briefing materials

  • An annual vendor contract provides discounted prices

Translator information

  • Translator A: Experience at a foreign financial company. In charge of translating investment materials, mainly focusing on research reports and financial statements. More than 10 years of experience in translation.
  • Translator B: MBA holder. Excellent in finance and business management as well as architecture and civil engineering. More than 9 years of experience as a registered translator.
  • Translator C: Experience at a major securities company. Translating business plan materials in addition to IR materials. More than 18 years of experience as a registered translator.