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About the Certifications JCS Has Been Awarded

PrivacyMark, awarded for the protection of personal information

JCS was the first in the Japanese meeting industry to obtain this certification. We were awarded this certification due to our recognition of and continual efforts to protect personal information.


ISMS / ISO 27001, for information security

We strengthened our security management system and improved our facilities to strengthen protection for personal information and information assets, thereby earning trust and continued business from our customers.

ISO 20121, for event sustainability

We were the first in Japan to obtain ISO 20121, in 2012. Our events are planned and managed for environmental, economic and societal sustainability, all the while provided added value events that benefit society.

Eco Action 21

We are working to reduce the impact on the environment and reducing pollution by the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

L-boshi, for the promotion of women in the workforce

We were the first PCO in Japan to receive the L-boshi (Level 3), in recognition of our dedication for the promotion of women in the workplace. We are continually striving to improve working conditions and make JCS a place where everyone can succeed, and each and every one of our team is playing a part in that.