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Subtitle Translation / Dubbing / Other Customized Services


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Need help with translations for your media contents?

Whether it is for events, seminars, corporate PR, or web-based video distribution, the use of visual media is increasing, and the audience is becoming ever more global. When it comes to localizing audiovisual content into multiple languages, media translation is essential.
While it has become commonplace to see translated videos, the method and accuracy of translations vary widely. At JCS, we utilize our extensive experience in translating for international conferences to provide media translation services, including video translation, covering areas that require a high level of expertise.


Subtitle translation involves translating the original language and video information in the visual media and presenting it on screen as captions in the target language, synchronized with the original audio. In subtitle translation, the original image, sound, and audio are retained.

When a video is translated thus, the viewer is required to read the subtitles while watching the video. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the subtitles can be read comfortably and efficiently in a short time. For this reason, subtitle translation is subject to universal specifications such as “4 characters per second,” “12–13 characters per line,” and “a maximum of 2 lines.”

The subtitling process is roughly divided into the following four steps:

Subtitle translation requires not only the ability to understand the original language but also the skills to convey the message clearly in the target language. It is also vitally important to be able to translate accurately without compromising the original language’s tone.


Dubbing is a translation method in which the original language is first translated into the target language and then completely replaced with its audio. In other words, the original audio is discarded and that of the target language is embedded to match the source video.

Dubbing is less restrictive than subtitling. For instance, there is no need to limit the number of words in the target language when translating from the original language. Also, when the characters’ lines overlap, this can be expressed by dubbing each line over the other.

However, this method does have some specific restrictions. For one, the original and target language dialogue must be synchronized. Other restrictions include the need for a complete representation of non-speech sounds, such as the characters’ “sniffles,” “sighs,” and “tongue clicks.”


JCS has a large team of professional translators who have extensive experience in translating for international conferences. We are capable of providing accurate translations even in areas that require a high level of specialized expertise, such as the medical field, and have worked on video translations for product introductions, lectures, and various events. Our years of experience in translating for conventions and major international conferences, which is our core business, enables us to provide high-quality translation services in a wide range of areas.

We can also minimize the post-processing work our clients need to do after delivery. Upon verifying the audience’s user environment in advance, we propose the optimum video production specifications, customized for the intended use and viewing purpose. We offer media translation services that meet our clients’ budget needs by utilizing our seamless teamwork, cultivated over the course of our business operations. We also offer every service from arranging for suitable narrators/dubbing artists to studio recording, and are perfect for complete video production. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.


Media translation is the translation of media content, such as video, or audiovisual, into various languages. The term “media content” has diverse meanings here. It includes not only verbal information such as speech, but also non-verbal information such as sounds, gestures, actions, and the shape and appearance of objects on a screen.

All elements of verbal and non-verbal information in a media content are subject to translation in media translation. It differs from other forms of translation and interpretation in that it is translated using multiple communication channels: spoken, written, and visual. Audiovisual content has become so prevalent in today’s world. Inevitably, there is an increasing demand for high-quality promotional videos for both corporate branding and products. One of the most crucial aspects in terms of audiovisual content is translation accuracy and clarity.

OUR SERVICES[id="003"]


    We adjust the number of characters according to the content and information volume to create video subtitles that the audience can read comfortably. Ideal for lecture videos, product introductions, webinars, training videos, etc.


    We prepare scripts for voice actors so that the dubbing corresponds to the original speaker’s mouth movements as shown in the footage. In addition, we also provide voice recording services. Suitable for a wide range of purposes, from entertainment to business.


    We offer a full range of narration services, from scriptwriting to arranging for a suitable narrator and studio. Ideal for documentaries and product promotion videos.



Services Range (1): Audio Transcription ⇒ Subtitle Translation ⇒ Translated Data Delivery

  • Company Message Video
    (Cosmetics Company)

    English translation of a corporate introduction video highlighting the founder’s philosophy and efforts toward environmental conservation. JCS provided the time codes indicating when the subtitles would appear and text for English subtitles.

    ・Service: Subtitle translation
    ・Volume: 1 video, 5 minutes
    ・Language: Japanese to English
    ・Fee: Approximately 60,000 yen
    ・Delivery time: 5 working days
    ・Delivery format: Excel English to Japanese translation table

  • Webinar Video
    (Event Company)

    Due to COVID-19, a forum previously held on-site was converted to on-demand delivery. JCS created the Japanese subtitles required for the video.

    ・Service: Subtitle translation
    ・Volume: 1 video, 25 minutes
    ・Language: English to Japanese
    ・Fee: Approximately 150,000 yen
    ・Delivery time: 10 working days
    ・Delivery format: Excel English to Japanese translation table

  • Online Session Video
    (IT Company)

    JCS created the Japanese subtitles for a lecture on IT-related systems presented at an online event.

    ・Service: Subtitle translation
    ・Volume: 1 video, 40 minutes
    ・Language: English to Japanese
    ・Fee: Approximately 200,000 yen
    ・Delivery time: 8 working days
    ・Delivery format (1): VTT file (Subtitle data)
    ・Delivery format (2): Excel English to Japanese translation table

Services Range 2): Audio Transcription ⇒ Subtitle Translation ⇒ Encoding ⇒ Subtitled Video Data Delivery

  • Company Introduction Video
    (Communication Services Provider)

    An overseas client commissioned JCS to create English subtitles for a video introducing a Japanese start-up company to be broadcast at a virtual event.

    ・Services: Transcription / Subtitle Translation / Encoding
    ・Volume: 1 video, 20 minutes
    ・Language: Japanese to English
    ・Fee: Approximately 200,000 yen
    ・Delivery time: 10 working days
    ・Delivery format: MP4 file (Video data)

  • Lecture Video
    (Financial Association)

    Japanese subtitles for a 30-minute English language lecture on financial topics were required. JCS offered a one-stop solution, providing services from audio transcription to encoding.

    ・Services: Transcription / Subtitle Translation / Encoding
    ・Volume: 1 video, 30 minutes
    ・Language: English to Japanese
    ・Fee: Approximately 250,000 yen
    ・Delivery time: 12 working days
    ・Delivery format: MP4 file (Video data)

  • Lecture Video for an Event
    (Independent Administrative Institution)

    Japanese subtitles were translated and embedded into the video to be broadcast at an event. JCS also edited the video to include a banner at the beginning.

    ・Services: Transcription / Subtitle Translation / Encoding / Editing
    ・Volume: 1 video, 60 minutes
    ・Language: English to Japanese
    ・Fee: Approximately 400,000 yen
    ・Delivery time: 11 working days
    ・Delivery format: MP4 file (Video data)

SERVICE FLOW[id="005"]

JCS offers free estimates for media translation requests. Please fill out the request form on this website. If you wish to receive just a rough estimate, or a detailed quote, please let us know in advance, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request. Under normal circumstances, we will be able to revert to you within a few days of your request; however, please note that the following types of inquiries may take longer to respond to.

STEP 1|From Inquiry to Order

Please enter the details of your inquiry and send us the online form. After reviewing the contents, a JCS coordinator will contact you to confirm the details and answer any questions you may have. Once we have received the actual footage, we will provide you with a formal estimate. If you are satisfied with the delivery date, price, and contract terms and conditions, please reply by email to confirm your order. After confirming the contract details, we will commence work immediately.

STEP 2|Media Translation Process

In the absence of a script, we will transcribe the video audio. Subsequently, depending on the nature of the requested service, we will proceed with the translation as follows.

  • Subtitle Translation: Transcription → Spotting → Subtitle Translation → Proofreading & Reviewing → Provisional Delivery → Client Confirmation → Revision & Finalization → Encoding → Delivery

    Dubbing: Translation → Dubbing Script → Narrator Arrangement → MA Studio Recording → Video Editing → Delivery

If the video contains specialized content, a technical translator with expertise in the specific field will prepare a precise translation, which the video translator will then edit for subtitles and script. Once the translation has been completed, you will be invited to review it. After receiving feedback on expressions and notations, we will make corrections accordingly. Based on the revised text, we will produce the video data as follows.

STEP 3|From Delivery to Completion

We will convert the video into the preferred delivery format and deliver it to you. We will send you an invoice by post after you have inspected the work, or by a pre-agreed date.

*Any alterations after production will incur additional charges.
*New clients and sole proprietors are requested to pay in advance.

CONTACT US[id="006"]


Which file formats do you support?

We accept requests for all major formats. For subtitle data, we support SST subtitle data (mdb, sdb, cap), text data, Excel data, Videotron, TIFF data, and others. For video data, we support MPEG1/2/4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and others.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

It depends on the volume and format of delivery, but please allow about two weeks for subtitle translation and three weeks for dubbing. Actual delivery time may vary depending on various conditions, so please contact us for details.

Is it possible to place an order in small or large quantity?

Yes, it is. We will prepare a formal estimate after receiving the actual audiovisual materials. Please note, however, that we do not accept requests for translation of videos, DVDs, Blu-rays, or other visual materials for personal viewing purposes.

Who does the translation?

We have professional translators who are experts in their respective fields. For example, we have translators with degrees in medicine and pharmacy, and experience in translating for national and international pharmaceutical companies. They have in-depth knowledge of their respective fields and languages.

How do you safeguard the material?

We keep all the information, including the audiovisual and text data provided by our clients, in the strictest confidence. Please rest assured that no data will be exposed to any third party, or leaked prior to release.