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Our Language Specialties

At JCS, we are proud to offer exceptional translation services, focusing on the below areas, in more than 40 languages. We are confident that whatever the challenge, our exceptional team of translators can exceed your expectations.

Information Technology Software, Hardware, User Manuals, and Networking
Banking and Finance Securities, Banking, Foreign Exchange, Insurance, and Real Estate Investing
Corporate Social Responsibility and Investor Relations Annual Reports, Corporate Social Responsibility Reports, Financial Reports, and Year-end Reports
Legal Contracts, Internal Compliance (J-SOX) Documents, and Laws and Regulations
Medicine and Pharmaceutical Medical Papers, Clinical Trial Documents, Pharmaceutical Application Documents, Manufacturing Documents, and Clinical/Non-clinical Study Reports
Management Corporate Strategy, Consulting, and Marketing
Public Relations and Advertising Advertisements, Internal Newsletters, Pamphlets and Brochures
International Meetings Greetings from the Imperial Family (the Emperor and the Crown Prince), the Prime Minister and various other Ministers, and Meeting Minutes

The Translation Process: From Order to Delivery

  • STEP 1

    Choosing the Translator

    • We receive your information from the contact form.
    • According to the content and field of the document to be translated, translators are selected, and we provide you with their profiles.
  • STEP 2


    • Our translators translate part of your document, done at no charge to you.
    • Based on the trial translations, you choose the translator.
  • STEP 3

    The translation formally is started.

    • Our coordinator contacts you to get your feedback regarding the trial, including things such as the writing style and specialized language.
    • Those items are then communicated to the translator, who then translates while taking them into account.
  • STEP 4

    Quality Assurance

    • A native speaker of the target language then checks the translation for accuracy.
    • The translation is then checked again for general accuracy and completeness.
    • Our coordinator then checks it a final time, and provides you with the translation.
  • STEP 5

    Delivery and Post-delivery Quality Assurance

    • You, the client, then check the translation and any identified issues are rectified, and the translation is then considered final.
  • Note

    When you provide JCS with the document to be translated and references in Step 1, we discuss with you your needs and propose translators together with the price and delivery date.


Our World-Class Partners

At JCS, we understand the issues that can arise when working with different parties, and to prevent this we have partnered with world-class printers, designers, and video producers to ensure that you get a world-class product.

Delivering World-Class Translations the First Time

At JCS, we aim to deliver exceptional translations the first time, and to ensure this happens we check each translation multiple times before delivering it to you. The success of our approach is shown by the exceptional customer feedback we receive.

Thorough Data Protection

JCS was proud to be one of the first in the translation industry to receive the PrivacyMark, and feel that this reflects our dedication to maintaining the strictest privacy and our clients’ trust. All of our translators sign nondisclosure agreements, and we have strict regulations about data access.