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Please read through the details below:

Japan Convention Services, Inc. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “JCS” or “we”), as a group of experts in international communication, provide necessary protection, and take appropriate measures for the information assets we hold or which have been entrusted to us by our clients. As a measure to safeguard our information assets, we have established Information Security Policy (the “Policy”) to be observed by all our employees. At JCS, we are committed to ensuring proper handling and management of our information assets and to making continuous improvements.

  1. Information Security Goals
    To achieve the Information Security Goals that we set, we have developed strategies and organizational structures, and we establish and maintain an information security management system (ISMS).
  2. Application of Information Security Policy
    The Policy applies to the information assets we have obtained or learned through our business activities as well as those we now hold for business purposes, including the information that has been entrusted to us by our clients for processes required for our business activities. We ensure that every employee at JCS, including the management, who handles or manages these information assets, understands and implements the Policy.
  3. Compliance with Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
    By implementing the ISMS established in accordance with our Policy, we strictly observe relevant and applicable laws, regulations, and contractual requirements as well as company regulations, taking appropriate action in compliance with the ISO27001 requirements.
  4. Establishment of Company Regulations Concerning Information Security
    Based on the Information Security Policy, we have established internal regulations to clarify our course of action regarding the handling of our information assets.
  5. Establishment and Improvement of Auditing System
    We have implemented a system for internal audits to assess our information security practices. By conducting audits systematically and by taking corrective actions based on the results, we will continuously improve the ISMS.
  6. Establishment of System with Rigorous Information Security Measures
    We implement an ISMS that has rigorous measures in place to prevent security breaches, such as unauthorized disclosures, alterations, losses, or destruction of / interference with our information assets.
  7. Thorough Implementation of Information Security Education
    We carry out relevant programs that educate all our employees on the topic of information security, ensuring that every individual who handles or manages JCS’s information assets can conduct their work with an understanding and interest in information security. In addition, we conduct continuous education and training to enable our employees to adapt to changing circumstances.

Established on October 31, 2016
Hirotake Chikanami, President & CEO
Tatsumi Matsuura, Chief ISMS Officer
Japan Convention Services, Inc.