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Handling of Personal Information

Japan Convention Services provides a wide variety of services including conference management, interpretation, translation and temporary staff dispatch. When performing these services, JCS may have opportunities to handle the personal information of our clients and registered professionals. We fully recognize our social responsibility to ensure the confidentiality and protection of any personal information we handle. For this purpose, we have established the following policy and would like to announce it to all employees, registered professionals, and other concerned parties related to our existing services.

Privacy Policy

  1. We observe the Japanese laws and guidelines such as Act on the Protection of Personal Information and Japanese Industrial Standards’ Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements (JISQ15001), and operate an appropriate compliance program.
  2. Whenever we request you to provide personal information, we will clearly inform you of the purpose of such a request and the person to contact for inquiries. You are required to provide information only to the extent necessary for us to perform the relevant operations and services.
  3. Your personal information is held in the strictest confidentiality. Without your prior consent, we will not provide or disclose your personal information to any third party with the exception of service suppliers whom we may subcontract.
  4. For the purposes of safely protecting your personal information, we have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access, alteration and disclosure, and take appropriate preventive and corrective actions.
  5. We have assigned personnel whose contact address is indicated on our company’s website. Your opinions, complaints or enquiries regarding personal information which we handle are to be received and corresponded in an appropriate manner.
  6. We make continuous efforts to strengthen and improve our measures to protect personal information according to changing social environments.

April 1, 2008
Hirotake Chikanami
President & CEO
Japan Convention Services, Inc.

Contact for enquiries regarding JCS’s policy on the protection of personal Information:

Handling of Personal Information of Convention Participants

  1. JCS stores the collected personal information of convention participants in a proper manner in conformity with its personal information protection policy, and prevents such information from being divulged to third parties.
  2. JCS uses the collected personal information of convention participants only for operations related to the conventions which JCS is handling and/or would handle in the future.
  3. JCS will provide the collected personal information to the organizer of the conventions which JCS is handling and/or would handle in the future, and when necessary, to travel agencies who handle participants' travel and accommodations, as well as to the security agency for security purpose.
  4. JCS may assign specialists to control the personal information of convention participants, and such operations would comply with the standards in our personal information protection policy.
  5. Any convention participant wishing to update his/her personal information is requested update on-line on the website of the convention or contact the person in charge of the convention.
  6. Any registered convention participant wishing to file a complaint or make inquiries regarding the handling of his/her personal information records is requested to contact our Compliance Program Officer.

Contact for inquiries:
Compliance Program Officer
Japan Convention Services, Inc.
Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg.
1-4-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-0013, Japan

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