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JCS Recently Celebrated Its 50th Anniversary

We at JCS were proud to, on December 7th 2017, celebrate the 50th anniversary of its establishment. I am thankful for our clients, our partners, our interpreters and translators, and most importantly, our employees and their families.

JCS had quite humble beginnings, having started from a support desk providing interpreting and translating services in a hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo, in 1964. That was the same year as the Tokyo Olympics, and around that time the number of international conferences held in Japan was quickly increasing. JCS was incorporated on December 7th 1967, with the goal of managing international conferences. Since then, JCS has been proud to manage numerous international and medical conferences, such as the Japan World Exhibition 1970, Osaka and several APEC and ASEAN summits, in addition to participating in important events such as the Nagano Olympics and Expos. By engaging in these events, JCS has played an important role in the development of Japanese society, the economy, academics, culture, and sports, in addition to furthering international relations.

Change now happens at a dizzying pace, with the development of the IoT and AI, a growing non-resident population, decreasing birth rates, the environment, and other points resulting in an increasingly diverse society. These dizzying changes require us to be incredibly flexible as well. At JCS, on the occasion of our 50th anniversary, building upon the ideas of our predecessors, decided to further improve communication with our clients, in order to create the future communication.

This is our mission. We at JCS act based on five principles, which are change, love, unity, professionality, and sincerity. Our employees take those principles to heart, become linked one by one, and work towards our goal of contributing to the society of tomorrow. We aim to not only ensure our clients are delighted, but also our partners, interpreters, translators, and employees are as well. I, and the rest of the team at JCS, look forward to continuing to further linking humanity.