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A Guide to Our World-Class Services

If you would like to know how JCS can help solve your language issues, feel free to contact us.
For our equipment rentals, information is available here.

  • STEP 1

    Initial Contact

    • After you contact us, one of our coordinators discusses your needs, such as the date, location, type of event, and size, in addition to any other needs.
  • STEP 2


    • Based on your needs, our coordinator makes a proposal for the rank and number of interpreters, and the necessary equipment.
    • Our coordinator chooses the most appropriate interpreters to ensure success of your event.
  • STEP 3

    Order and Preparation

    • After you agree to use our interpreting services, we require an agenda and other documents to be used onsite, and these documents are shared with the interpreters to ensure the best possible service.
  • STEP 4


    • Our interpreters then perform the work at the designated place and time. If necessary, our coordinator(s) will also attend.
  • STEP 5


    • We are always interested to know your opinion of our services. After the meeting, if you have any feedback about our interpreting or coordinating, please feel free to let us know.
  • Note:

    After you agree to use our services, cancellations or a change of date will result in a cancellation fee being charged. For an approximate guide to our pricing, please check our Price List.

    The meeting documentation, such as the agenda, speeches, presentation slides, speakers’ CVs, abstracts, or vocabulary lists described in Step 3 is not technically mandatory, but doing so helps our interpreters prepare and ensure your meeting is a success.

Equipment Rental Services

At JCS, we have the necessary equipment to meet your needs and make your meeting a success. For a simultaneous interpreting system, an interpreting booth, transmission equipment, interpreting console, and receiving equipment are included. In addition, our team of experienced engineers will be onsite to set and handle everything according to the size and layout of the venue.

Infrared Systems

Due to the high voice quality and security afforded by these systems, they are the most common for simultaneous interpreting. Our expert engineers will help set it up to ensure there is no interference and things so smoothly onsite.

FM Systems

This is the most appropriate for events with a hundred to a few thousand attendees. Moreover, attendees can keep the receiver and use it afterwards as a radio.

Portable AudioSystems

A simple and cost effective set of transmitter and receiver. At the same time, if there are other devices using the same signal near the venue, there is the possibility of interference.