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Our Interpreting Fees

The below rates apply for Japanese to English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Additional languages, such as Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese have separate rates.
We at JCS take pride in meeting our clients' varied needs, so please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can meet yours.

Rank Full Day
(Per Person)
Half Day
(Per Person)
Rank Explanation
S 130,000 JPY 91,000 JPY The interpreters at this level area capable of simultaneous interpreting. They are exceptional Rank A interpreters with a long track record of success in one area.
A 110,000 JPY 77,000 JPY The interpreters at this level have more than 10 years of experience. They have specialized knowledge and are capable of simultaneous interpreting. They typically interpret at seminars or meetings requiring their specialized knowledge, such as IT, medicine, law, finance, energy or government.
B 85,000 JPY 59,000 JPY The interpreters at this level have around 5 years of experience. They are typically used for interpreting at corporate in-house meetings and receptions.
C 50,000 JPY 35,000 JPY The interpreters at this level have more than 1 year of experience. They are commonly used at reception desks, escorting VIPs to and from the airport, and at exhibition stands.

Interpreting Style and Number of Interpreters

The number of interpreters needed varies based on the style and work time. At JCS, we use the below table, along with the subject matter, when preparing our proposal for you.
If you require interpreting for more than 8 hours, or when the schedule is irregular, we will discuss the appropriate level of interpreters with you. require interpreting for more than 8 hours, or when the schedule is irregular,

Style 4 Hours or Fewer Onsite
(Fewer than 3 Hours of Work)
8 Hours or Fewer Onsite
(Fewer than 7 Hours of Work)
Simultaneous 2-3 Interpreters 3-4 Interpreters
Consecutive 1-2 Interpreters 2-3 Interpreters

Payment Terms

For our corporate customers, after the work has been completed, we will send you an invoice for payment, which is due within 30 days.

  • We accept JCB, VISA, American Express, and MasterCard as well.
  • Any wire transfer fees or credit card surcharges shall be paid by the client.
  • For individuals requesting interpreting services, the invoice must be paid in advance.

Cancellation Fees

If you cancel after agreeing to use our interpreting services, cancellation fees can apply.
In the event that you cancel after being informed of the interpreter’s name, cancellation fees apply. Similarly, cancellation fees also apply in the event of a change of date.

  • Notes Regarding Pricing

    The pricing described here only applies for interpreters living in Japan. If you would like to know rates for interpreters overseas with our global network, please use the above Contact Form to contact us.

    Depending as to the location within Japan and overseas, additional fees such as transportation, accommodation, and per diem will be charged. There will also be an extended travel-day fee.

    In the event the interpreter must attend preparatory meetings, their time will be billed accordingly.

    If you have any questions about these fees or any other items, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We also offer world-class Translation Services.

Interpreting Styles

At JCS, we continually strive to provide world-class service to our clients. As part of this, we discuss with you your needs, the agenda, and time schedule, and make a proposal, designed to ensure a successful event, with the number of interpreters, their rank and the interpreting of style.

Simultaneous Interpreting

As the interpreter listens, he or she is speaking at almost the exact same time. The interpreter is in an interpreter booth, listening to the speaker, and using speaking into a microphone while interpreting. Listeners use receivers to listen to the interpreter. For this, a simultaneous interpreting console and audio equipment are required.

Consecutive Interpreting

For consecutive interpreting, the speaker stops to allow for the interpreter to interpret. As the speaker has to stop to allow the interpreter to interpret, it winds up taking around twice the time. For example, with a one hour meeting, lspeakers can only speak for 30 minutes with the interpreter interpreting for the rest of the time.


For whispering, much like the name implies, the interpreter, who stays close to 1 or 2 attendees, whispers what is said. If equipment is used, it is possible for more people to listen. However, if the environment is noisy or it is otherwise difficult to hear, steps such as using a microphone must be taken to ensure a proper environment.

Relay Interpreting

When more than 3 languages are being used, relay simultaneous interpreting is used. For example, if there is a meeting with English, French and German being used, English can be the key language. For a speaker using French, the first interpreter will interpret that into english, and then the second interpreter will then interpret it into German.

  • Other Styles

    Broadcast Interpreting

    JCS is capable of ensuring you on air interviews and appearances go smoothly. Broadcasting interpreting is usually interviews and other appearances on TV and radio, and is typically simultaneous interpreting.


    Personal Interpreting

    Our interpreter will accompany you, interpreting whenever you need it, such as for conversations. This is also done at reception desks or when greeting or sending off visitors.


    Event Interpreting

    Our interpreters are ready to support you at any sort of event, such as translating speeches and opening greetings at receptions.