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Major Interpretation Achievements

JCS has a track record of success in a variety of fields, from international conferences to business seminars. Using the expertise we have gained from managing foreign affairs events and the interpreting level demanded from them, we are able to provide world-class solutions in a wide variety of fields. Some examples of our success are below.

Per Year

  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals


  • Information Technology


  • Banking


  • Semiconductors


  • Government and Economics


  • Environment and Energy


  • Sports and Entertainment


  • Others

    > 500

Success Stories

  • Politics and Economics

    • G20 Summit
    • G7 and G8 Summit
    • APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting
    • ASEAN-related Summit Meetings
    • Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting
    • Mekong-Japan Summit Meeting
    • Japan-EU Summit
    • Asia-Europe Meeting
    • Lecture the Former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
    • TPP Ministerial Meeting
    • Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development: TICAD
    • Global Women's Leadership Summit
    • The Future Of Asia
    • Nikkei Global Management Forum
  • Security, Defense and Science Technology

    • Non-proliferation and Disarmament Initiative
    • Japan-United States Security Consultative Committee
    • Asian Disaster Reduction Center: ADRC
    • Japan ROBOT Database System
    • International Seminar on TQM
    • Japan Robot Week
    • Science and Technology Ministers Meeting
    • Japan-UK Foreign and defense ministers meeting and a joint press conference
  • Energy, Nuclear Power and Environment

    • Conference of Parties21: COP21
    • Japan-Mongol Environmental Policy Dialogue
    • Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia: FNCA
    • LNG Producer-Consumer Conference
    • OECD Environment Meetings at Ministerial level
    • G7 Bologna Environment Ministerial Meeting
    • G7 Kitakyushu Energy Ministerial Meeting
    • Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit
    • General Meeting of IRENA
    • IAEA Decontamination Mission
    • ASEAN+3 Environment Ministerial Meeting
  • Finance and Securities, Management, Taxation

    • Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit
    • 1st Global Financial Services Conference
    • Asian Entrepreneurship Award
    • Forum on Tax Administration: FTA
    • Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research: SGATAR
    • FinTech Conference
    • Asia Business Summit
    • FinTech Conference
    • Japan Investment Conference
    • General Meeting of Shareholders
    • Board of Directors
    • World Real Estate Federation Annual General Meeting
  • IT and Communication

    • FinTech Impact Tokyo
    • IT Infrastructure Forum
    • IoT Security Forum
    • IoT Technology
    • Japan IT Week
    • E-Commerce Expo
    • The Green Grid Forum
    • Global ICT Summit
    • Global Digital Summit
    • Developers Summit
    • Partner Conference Multiple companies
  • Semiconductors, Automobiles and Manufacturing Industry

    • Global Semiconductor Forum
    • Sendai Micro-Nano International Forum
    • QC Circle Conference
    • SEMICON Japan
    • International Auto Aftermarket EXPO
    • Inter BEE
    • UK Automotive Forum
    • Japan International Welding Show
    • International Micromachine Nanotech Symposium
    • FT Future of the Car Summit
    • World Foundry Congress
  • Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Dentistry and Bio

    • Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society
    • Annual Research Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    • Annual Meeting of The Japan Diabetes Society
    • Annual Congress of the Japan Society for Transplantation
    • Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association
    • Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    • The Japanese Respiratory Society
    • General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology
    • Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Replacement Arthroplasty
    • Drug information association conference
    • Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Sessions
    • American Society of Nephrology
    • American Heart Association Scientific Sessions Meeting
    • European Association for the Study of Diabetes
    • Investigators Meeting Multiple Fields
  • Events, Culture and Sports etc.

    • Meetings and Events related to Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Project
    • World Anti-Doping Agency: WADA
    • Japanese Association Asian Law
    • U.S. Soy Sustainability Seminar
    • Professional Beauty Congress
    • Okinawa International Movie Festival
    • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
    • Inter BEE
    • Trilateral Heads of Offices Meeting
    • International Students Summit
    • Japan Heritage International Forum
    • Japan Cultural Envoy Forum
    • Japan Media Arts Festival
    • World Statistics Day Forum
    • The Memorial Ceremony Marking the Seventh Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
    • Port of Kobe 150th Anniversary ceremony