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Other IT Services

Solving our Clients' Challenges through Technology

KAZASDAKE, Our Automated Registration Service

KAZASDAKE is our automated registration service, which can be used until the day of the conference. By registering online, a QR code is sent and this for a smoother experience for sdelegates. Moreover, JCS has endeavored to make KAZASDAKE the most cost effective automated registration service on the market.


Using traditional automated registration systems, registration process onsite typically takes around 1 minute per person (as measured by JCS), but with KAZASDAKE this has been shortened to 20 seconds. By using KAZASDAKE and CARM, also from JCS, you get more accurate forecast of number of delegates quicker than ever. Other capabilities of KAZASDAKE such as last-minute reservation will lead to improved performance and better results.

Some of the Cutting-Edge Features:

  • Smartphones are supported, enabling delegates to register while on their way to the conference.
  • Advance registrations for seminars such as lunch seminars, which were previously not available, are now possible. This means delegates no longer have to line up to make a reservation onsite.
  • Because registration is done in advance, delegates no longer have to line up at a reception when they first arrive.
  • Delegates can get their name badges by simply scanning their QR code, which is sent on finishing online registering.
  • The system can be linked via API to your membership database, thereby substantially reducing the data your members have to enter.
  • By linking it with CARM, our delegate management system, you can get detailed information about your conference, not simply the number of delegates overall and per session but also more detailed attributes of delegates.


The below pricing is only for example purposes and can vary based on circumstances. Please contact us so we can provide an official estimate.

System Usage Fee Initial Setup Fee Monthly Service Fee Credit Card Handling Fee
300 JPY per registrant 50,000 JPY per meeting 12,000 JPY per month 45 JPY per transaction

Mobile Planner, Our Abstract Search App

Mobile Planner is our abstract search app, primarily for medical conferences. Using this app, delegates can see the sessions planned for the conference using the Scheduled Sessions page and they can also easily plan their interested sessions using the My Schedule page. There are other functions as well, such as the ability to resize text as necessary when viewing abstracts.