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The Library of the Future, From JCS

We are proud to operate libraries with our theme of working together with communities, for communities.
Using our experience and know-how from the private sector, such as the more than 6,000 translation and interpreting success stories and the more than 30 facilities we operate, we aim to create the library of the future.

  • Helping Children Become Citizens of the World

    We are proud to help children become global citizens by holding foreign language events at libraries we manage. We understand that people have to prosper on the global stage, so our events do not focus on only English or Chinese, but also lesson common languages such as Portuguese and Russian.

  • Communicating the Latest in Medicine

    At JCS, we are proud of our extensive track record of success in medical conferences, and use this to help improve the lives of residents. We don’t simply hold medical seminars, but have spaces with the latest medical information and ensure the latest medical books are available to residents as well, ensuring they get the best and most accurate medical information possible.

Examples of Library Success

JCS, Meeting All of Your Needs with World-Class Service

Here at JCS, we are confident in our ability to help you overcome your challenges and ensure success. Using our extensive experience in managing meetings/conferences and other business, we are able to help the public sector improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Revitalizing Communities Through Our Services

  • Medical Seminars and Lectures (Job-hunting support and education on public health
  • Reading foreign language books to children
  • Partnerships with communities
  • Outreach (Educational and welfare facilities)

Not Just Libraries

In addition to libraries, we at JCS have a lengthy track record of successfully providing other services, such as residents’ services. By entrusting JCS with multiple services, such as library and residents’ services, we can install book return drops at ward offices, thereby providing new services to residents and increasing efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

Based on surveys conducted in 2017 of users of the Nerima City Minami Oizumi Library, 91% of respondents (out of a total of 428) gave a rating of either very satisfied or satisfied. Using the results of our surveys, we develop improvement plans to deliver world-class service.

Comments from Our Library Staff

I love seeing our happy patrons.

Ms. Wada, Ota City Kamata Library
"Libraries always attract a wide variety of people, from children to the elderly. Of course, there are times when I worry at work, but then I just remember my training or am helped by one of my wonderful coworkers, so we are able to deliver superb service, and the 8 hours just fly by. I always deliver the best possible service possible, so people will think 'I'm so glad we have this library.' I always look forward to doing my best for everyone."

Outsourcing Success Stories

Ota City Kamata Library
Ota City Kamata Library
Ota City Ikegami Library
Ota City Kugahara Library
Ota City Kugahara Library
Nerima City Minami-oizumi Library
Nerima City Minami-oizumi Library Annex
Nerima City Minami-oizumi Library Annex

Libraries (Designated Administrator / Management Outsourcing)

Ota City, Tokyo Kamata Library Designated Administrator
Ikegami Library Designated Administrator
Kugahara Library Designated Administrator
Iriarai Library Designated Administrator
Haneda Library Designated Administrator
Nerima City, Tokyo Minami Oizumi Public Library Designated Administrator
Kotake Library Management Outsourcing
Shibuya City, Tokyo Honmachi Library Management Outsourcing
Sasazuka Children’s Library Management Outsourcing
Shinagawa City, Tokyo Ozaki Station Western Exit Library Annex Management Outsourcing
Ebara Library Management Outsourcing
Yutaka Library Management Outsourcing
Futaba Library Management Outsourcing
Toshima City, Tokyo Sugamo Library Management Outsourcing
Komagome Library Management Outsourcing
Kamiikebukuro Library Management Outsourcing
Meguro City, Tokyo Nakameguro Library Management Outsourcing
Ohashi Library Management Outsourcing
Meguro Honmachi Library Management Outsourcing
Yakumo Chuo Library Management Outsourcing
Senzoku Library Management Outsourcing
Moriya Library Management Outsourcing
Tokyo Metropolis Central Library Management Outsourcing
Tama Library Management Outsourcing
Hibiya Library Management Outsourcing
Metropolis-run High School Libraries Management Outsourcing
Koto City, Tokyo City-run School Libraries Management Outsourcing
Ota City, Tokyo City-run School Libraries Management Outsourcing
Yamato City, Kanagawa Yamato City Shibuya Learning Center Management Outsourcing