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Kids play leading roles at the Kid's International Conference

As part of efforts to promote women’s empowerment, we periodically host a Family Visit Day to invite employees’ children and family members to our workplace. This is an event to ensure everyone working in the office has an opportunity to be aware of the importance of their “family,” through parent-child interaction as well as direct communication with colleagues, subordinates, and superiors, to accordingly create a more pleasant working culture.

On August 21, we held the first JCS Kid's International Conference 2018, as part of the Visit Day, including kindergarteners and elementary schoolers. Children, representing countries all over the world, made presentations using microphones and laser pointers that are used at actual conference halls. They enjoyed the experience of attending an international conference by introducing the country whose flag they had chosen and presenting their own opinions.

Nominate yourself as a Country Representative

First, children chose the flag of the country they represent. After studying the flag design and the profile of the country, they nominated themselves as representatives of each country. They greeted each other by exchanging name cards. This common ritual in adult society was a first-time, interesting experience for children.

Second, children listened to a lecture on the role of international conferences. Representatives of countries all over the world gather to exchange views on various themes and present their own country’s opinions to solve diverse international problems. Children began by forming their opinions to complete such an important mission.

The conference finally begins

The Kid's International Conference began and children, holding their manuscript, began delivering their speeches at the podium using the projector screen. We, the staff of JCS, were genuinely surprised at their confident attitude and could hardly believe it was their first time attending a conference. Every presentation was excellent and showed an “adult-like” quality.

At the end of the conference

Having successfully made their speeches, the little representatives showed an expression of relief as they all must have been slightly nervous. The audience applauded the children who had accomplished their mission. At the end of the event, the children and their parents took a photo to commemorate attending the Kid's International Conference. Through this event, we hope to help children appreciate the significance of international conferences that their parents are involved in as JCS staff and reflect on the importance of world peace.

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