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JCS Proud to Have One of Its Employees Chosen as the Only IAPCO Ambassador in Japan

JCS is proud to announce that Yukari Ikeda, Senior Producer in the Conference Management Department was chosen as an IAPCO Ambassador in July 2019. IAPCO Ambassadors not only work to support the Council in the mission and aims of IAPCO, but also support the next generation of meeting planners, recruiting and educating members, and supporting the development of IAPCO and the PCO industry both inside and outside Japan. As part of becoming an Ambassador, Ms. Ikeda named three goals that she plans on striving to achieve: increased development of the meetings industry in Japan, increased adoption of global standards, and development of the next generation of leaders in the meetings industry.


IAPCO, the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers, is one of the world’s top processional organizations for companies and organizations whose business is the meetings business. There are currently 134 members from 39 countries and regions and regions all over the world, and JCS is proud to be one of 4 members from Japan.

IAPCO Ambassador Selection

In order to become an IAPCO Ambassador, a record of excellence in the Meetings Industry, both inside and outside Japan, is necessary, and we are proud that Ms. Ikeda’s achievements were recognized.


Japan Convention Services, Inc.
Association Group / Healthcare Business Department
Senior Producer
Yukari Ikeda

After joining JCS, Ikeda started with registration and abstract management, then moved on to directing conferences and handling sales for medical, dental and pharmaceutical meetings, and finally became a senior producer. While handling convention management both inside and outside Japan, she also assists with bringing international conferences to Japan, and establishing international medical associations.

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