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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform RSI X Launches Exclusive Domestic Service

JCS has concluded a contract for exclusive sales in Japan with RSI Exchange (Representative: Alexandre Ponomarev) for its remote simultaneous interpretation platform RSI X. The strengths of RSI X include a screen layout that prevents mistakes in operation by an interpreter, high security features, and high stability by reducing the volume of data communicated. As of October 2021, the service has acquired 50,000 users around the world.

RSI X is a next generation interpretation system that makes simultaneous interpretation in an online format possible. The interpreter no longer needs to physically attend the event venue, but instead can conduct interpretation from their home or from an interpretation studio. Event participants, no matter where in the world they may be from, can hear interpretations conducted in real time. And for the event organizers, this means they can manage their event smoothly.

What are the strengths of RSI X?

RSI X is compatible with a relay interpretation system*1 as well as the United Nations interpretation system, regardless of the type or number of languages. It can also connect with all kinds of Web conferencing systems. Slides or images that are shared among conference members appear on the RSI X screen in in real time, so those attending the meeting are able to participate in the conference by using only one device.

Also, the proprietary voice compression technology*2 allows for both ISO standard of voice sound quality and a reduction in the volume of data communicated.*3 Even at an event with a scale of tens of thousands of people, it provides a comfortable interpretation service at a high level of quality. And in terms of security, it adopts the highest level of SSL*4 while the app requires a two-step verification login procedure, offering robust protection for the client’s confidential information.

Furthermore, the system also excels in infection prevention measures. Rather than using a traditional simultaneous interpretation receiver, the participants can hear the interpreter’s voice simply by installing the app on their own handheld device such as a smartphone. This means that the risk of infection for both the participants and the staff members can be lowered, making it possible to manage events in a way that takes hygiene aspects into consideration, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

*1: An interpretation method that is employed in cases where the service is used for three or more languages.
*2: High quality voice sound which has received ISO20108:2017 certification.
*3: At a degree of 1/5 that of other companies’ RSI services (based on our company’s verification) Company A=0.5Mbps RSI X=60-80Kbps (A degree of about 1/50 that of YouTube)
*4: Uses AES encryption 256 bit key.

RSI Exchange

The lead developer of RSI X is the representative of RSI Exchange, Alexandre Ponomarev. He has worked in the capacity of head of interpretation at the World Economic Forum and at large international sports events. He is active as a simultaneous interpreter with many achievements to his name, including Group of Eight conferences such as the G8 Summit and the G20 summit. Along with his work as an interpretation consultant, he ranks among the world’s highest level of interpreters. He developed the operations screen from an interpreter’s point of view, offering a comfortable operating environment for the interpreter. It minimizes mistakes, eliminates drops in the quality of interpretation even in an online environment, and contributes to the success of the client’s conference.

With these strengths, RSI X has features that excel over conventional RSI systems and supports the action on some of the world’s biggest and brightest stages, such as its use at large international sports events held in 2021.
Now, built upon these impressive achievements, we are starting the provision of a full-scale service that can offer RSI X to as many clients as possible.

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