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Over 5,000 Online Interpreting Engagements per Year!

JCS Online Interpretation Services

We are an industry leader in terms of the number of exclusive corporate client contracts and are capable of providing high-quality interpretation services tailored to your needs.


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Why Choose JCS?[id="01"]

  • Online Conference System Capabilities

    Our interpretation services cater to all online conference systems, including Zoom, Teams, and Webex. We also provide an interpretation platform with excellent communication quality.

  • Extensive Experience in High-Level Management

    We have over 100 qualified interpreters with experience in high-level prime ministerial and ministerial meetings and extensive experience in government-level meetings. Consistently providing the highest quality interpreters, we are an industry leader in terms of the number of exclusive corporate client contracts.

  • Same-Day Servicing

    We also offer expedited same-day services and can swiftly arrange for interpretation services tailored to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any urgent requests.

Capable of Accommodating Any Online Conference System

Based on our practical experience in simultaneous interpretation at international conferences such as summits, JCS provides “online interpretation” services suitable for accurate communication even in highly advanced specialized areas. No matter your location, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access our services as they can be linked to any online conference system according to your requirements.

  • Zoom

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Cisco Webex

  • Google Meet

  • Skype

  • GoToMeeting

  • Messenger

  • Whereby

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform “RSI X”

If you have any concerns regarding the communication quality or security of the online conference system you plan to use, we can offer you the online interpretation platform “RSI X,” for which we have exclusive usage rights in Japan. This platform is compatible with any online conference system. The smartphone application-based platform has succeeded in reducing “data traffic” while preserving ISO-compliant “voice quality” via a proprietary voice compression technology, delivering smooth remote interpretation even on 3G lines and in weak internet environments. It is ideal for a wide range of purposes, from small meetings to large-scale online seminars between multiple locations, both domestically and internationally.


  • Overwhelmingly the best in reconciling light data volume and voice sound quality

    RSI X has been approved for ISO 20108:2017, which certifies the voice sound quality of communications. The data volume is at a degree of 1/5 that of other companies’ RSI services. It can provide a reliable interpretation voice sound in a great deal of internet environments.

  • Improves versatility through cost reduction

    RSI X reduces the costs associated with transportation and hotel accommodations for interpreter. Furthermore, it removes the need for expensive infrared ray receivers because it can be used with a smartphone, so the user can freely hear the interpretation voice sound wherever they wish.

  • RSI X employs features with high security performance

    In order to protect voice signals that may contain confidential information, it employs the highest standard of SSL as well as AES encryption 256 bit key. The app requires a two-step verification login procedure, offering robust protection for the client’s confidential information.

Introducing RSI X’s specific functions

Background playback

Even when also using other apps, when the screen is turned off, or when a device is in sleep mode, the interpretation voice sound that is run by the RSI X app continues to play back without interruption. It is possible to send and receive emails and chat messages, use other apps to do work, or simultaneously make progress with another task, all while listening to the interpretation voice sound.

Customizable lecture attendance screen

The client’s event title and logo can be added to the lecture attendance screen of the RSI X app, and it is possible to customize the user interface (UI). Users can match conferences and events to their brands, and show their originality.

Web conferencing system screen sharing

On the lecture attendance screen of the RSI X app, it is possible to display the slides and images that are being shared via the Web conferencing system being used for the online event in real time. With this feature, attendees who are not speaking at the conference or event can participate with only one device (such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet).

Exapmles and equipment &Technician cost[id="04"]

  • Small scale event (within a company)

    We provide interpretation services at a minimal expense for uses such as daily in-house conferences and one on one meetings via the Web conferencing system that the client uses.

    • Number of participants: Five people.
    • Time required: Approximately two to three hours.
    • Purpose 1: In-house conference, individual business discussion.
    • Purpose 2: Training program for a small number of people or similar purpose.
    • Format for the event: Online (two languages)
    • Equipment: Smartphone and computers.
    • Technical support: Simple response.
    • Fee: from approximately 70,000 yen

  • Medium scale event (outside of the company)

    We support the interpretation of the entire event by arranging the minimum necessary audio equipment and engineers for in-house events and external seminars in which about 50 people participate.

    • Number of participants: 50 people.
    • Time required: Eight hours.
    • Purpose 1: Town hall style conference, seminar.
    • Purpose 2: Induction training, press conference, or similar purpose.
    • Format for the event: Online (two languages)
    • Equipment: Computers, interpretation studio.
    • Technical support: Provided.
    • Fee: Approximately 300,000 yen

  • Large-scale events (outside of the company)

    We supports hybrid events that combine physical venues with online attendance We arrange video and audio equipment, including the latest RSI system, to make your event a success.

    • Number of participants: 200 people and the venue and 300 people online.
    • Time required: Eight hours.
    • Purpose 1: Symposium, product presentation.
    • Purpose 2: International conferences, medical conferences, etc.
    • Format for the event: Hybrid (three languages)
    • Equipment: RSI system, complete set of all necessary equipment.
    • Technical support: Provided.
    • Fee: Approximately 700,000 yen

Installation Achievements[id="05"]

Achievements by field

We have a proven track record of successfully managing over 10,000 project per year. We provide world-class interpreting services to various industries such as Information Technology, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, Investor Relations and Legal.
We have extensive experience in providing interpretation services, working on over 100 summit and ministerial meetings in the past ten years.
We concluded multiple agreements such as specialized interpretation agent contracts and partnership contracts with global companies, with a focus on international conferences. 
We frequently contribute to successful conferences. This is reflected in our industry share of large medical conferences, which is currently around 70 percent.

Per Year

  • Information Technology


  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals


  • Banking and Investor Relations


  • Environment and Energy


  • Government and Economics


  • Management meeting


  • Sports and Entertainment


  • Others


Success Stories

  • Government and Economics

    • The Ninth Meeting of the ASEAN+3 Ministers Responsible for Culture and Arts and the Fourth ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting for Culture and Arts
    • Simultaneous interpretation at memorial services for the ninth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
    • The 22nd Nikkei Global Management Forum
    • Global Women Leaders Summit 2020
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

    • The 62nd Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society
    • The Seventh NIKKEI FT Communicable Disease Conference
    • ISPO World Congress (17th World Congress of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics)
    • The 92nd Annual Meeting of The Japanese Orthopaedic Association
  • Information Technology

    • Global Digital Summit 2020
    • Nepcon Japan / Automotive World 2020
    • Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2020
    • Tech Crunch 2019
  • Banking

    • Investors and investment company in-person / telephone conferences, about 1,300 annually
    • TCFD Summit 2020
    • Japan-China 2019 Business Summit
    • FINANCE FORUM “Diversification in financial cybercrime and the systematic implementation cyber security”

Corporate Outline[id="06"]

Japan Convention Services, Inc. the first PCO in Japan, was founded in 1967. In addition to providing planning, management, and association management services for international and academic conferences, we also take pride in engaging in simultaneous interpreting, staffing services, and providing facilities management and overall communication services.

Company Name Japan Convention Services, Inc.
Established December 7th,1967
Representative Hirotake Chikanami, President & CEO
Capital 100 Million Japanese Yen
Sales 11.3 Billion Japanese Yen (for the FY ending March 2021)
Number of Employees 343 (as of March 2021)
Business Activities Conference Management
• International Conference
• Academic Conferences
• Meetings and Events
• Association Management
Interpreting / Translation
Staffing Services
Facility Management
Healthcare Business Development
Meetings Industry Research Institute
• Survey and Research
• Bid Assistance
• Education and Training
Group Companies JCS Communications, Inc.
MCI-JCS Japan Inc.

Contact Us[id="07"]

Frequently asked questions related
to online interpretation

Can you handle remote consecutive interpreting?


Are there any countries or areas where the service cannot be used?

Basically, it is possible to use the service without any problems as long as there is an internet connection.

From where do the interpreters conduct the interpretation?

Interpreters can work from their homes. However, we recommend interpreting from our company’s cooperative conference room or your company’s space. Also, it is possible to carry out interpretation at the venue as in the conventional manner.

Is the security of the conference and interpretation voice sounds adequate?

We use the industry’s highest standard of SSL (AES encryption 256 bit key) to protect the voice data signals that may include confidential information so that our clients can use our service with peace of mind. Also, access is conducted by a QR code created for each event, so participants to other events cannot enter the room. And furthermore, security is entrusted to a major external server, so we carry out operations from and capital investments in our in-house servers—another point to ensure your peace of mind.

What about in cases where the participants do not have a smartphone ready for use?

Content can be viewed and listened to from a URL, making it possible to be invited via the browser on a computer or similar device, so even those who have difficulties in downloading the app can easily attend the event. In the case of holding a hybrid event, it is possible to use a simultaneous interpretation receiver within the venue as per the conventional method.

Our company has decided on which Web conferencing system we use, can we use it with your service?

It is possible to use the service with any online conferencing system. It can be used with various platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, Skype, BlueJeans, and more.