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Our Advantage

  • One Stop Service for all your Needs

    At JCS, we understand the difficulty in having to arrange services from different parties and how it can get in the way of having a successful event. In order to avoid this and ensure an exceptional event, we offer a one stop service for all our clients’ needs, with items such as interpreting and temporary staffing being handled in-house to ensure our clients’ events are unqualified successes.

  • Best Planning

    In order to ensure an exceptional event that exceeds our client’s expectations, our team at JCS proposes and prepares most effective and attractive presentation and activities to meet the goal of the event. We of course always stand on our clients’wants and budget.

  • Dedicated care for non-Japanese attendees

    We understand how many non-Japanese attendees might feel nervous, and how our clients also want to ensure non-Japanese attendees have the best possible experience. Not simply thoroughly taking care of non-Japanese guests from the first contact till their departure from Japan, our team is capable of dealing with any concerns or restrictions non-Japanese attendees might have: such as F&B menu by culture and religion and suitable space for religious practice.

  • Hospitality

    At JCS, our focus is always on ensuring an exceptional event for both the participants and the clients. This is in our mind from planning and preparations to post-event stage, as we aim to ensure a smooth and stress-free situation for everyone at every stage of the event.

  • Compliance

    In the more than 50 years since JCS was founded, we have had extensive experience across a variety of industries, we are familiar with compliance requirements. We have a lengthy track record of successful meetings while meeting compliance requirements, both industrial and internal.