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JCS, Supporting Japanese Who Studied in the Philippines with Job-Hunting, Signs and Agreement with a Cebu Language School

JCS, which operates a personnel dispatch service focused on those with high level foreign language abilities, has signed an agreement with United Re-Growth, which operates a language school in Cebu, the Philippines to support Japanese students after they return to Japan. JCS is proud to have signed this agreement, which further strengthens its ability to match job-seekers who wish to utilize their language abilities, and for companies, organizations, and local governments seeking those skills.

According to the Philippines’ Depart of Tourism, in the past 5 years the number of Japanese studying English in the Philippines has increased seven-fold (Chart 1). There are a variety of course lengths, starting from around one week and the students’ English level varies widely, we believe that this demands a variety of career options once they return to Japan.

At JCS, with our personnel dispatch, interpreting and translation, and conference management services, we are uniquely equipped to offer people a variety of career paths to suit their needs, such as part-time and full-time work, temporary jobs, and freelance work where they can use their language skills, as shown by Chart 2.

Chart 1: Number of students studying in the Philippines (2015 figures are estimated)
Chart 1: Number of students studying in the Philippines (2015 figures are estimated)
Chart 2: A comparison of the work styles offered by JCS and other personnel dispatch companies

Job Support Details

・“Working in Japan While Using Your Language Abilities” will be held in the Philippines for Japanese students at 6 PM September 8th, local time.
・Career counseling in Japan for Japanese students.
・A bonus of 10,000 yen for those Japanese who study abroad in the Philippines with the goal of changing their job.

Company Information

Japan Convention Services Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Kasumigaseki 1-4-2, Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg 18F. Chiyoda City, Tokyo
President Hirotake Chikanami

United Re-Growth Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Shibuya 3-15-2 MT Estate Bldg 7F, Shibuya City, Tokyo.
President Muneki Kure

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