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Job Merit, Our Language Focused Website for Job Seekers

JCS is proud to run Job Merit, our job search website.
On Job Merit, which offers a variety of jobs such as interpreting, translating, event secretariat, and English-related office work. We offer one-off, short-term and long-term staffing positions and connect employers with job seekers for direct hire positions as well.

3 Steps for Successful Staffing

  • Connecting You With Staff Quickly and Effectively

    At JCS, we understand that staffing isn’t just about skills, work hours and money, and that the costs of unsuccessful placements can really add up. We work with employers to understand their needs, and with staff to understand their needs as well, and we only introduce employees when both match, leading to a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Things Don’t Stop on the First Day of Work.

    We at JCS understand that all too often staff don’t get the support they need, leading them to look for work elsewhere. This creates unnecessary costs for employers and temporary staff as well, and to prevent that we regularly talk to our staff, resolve issues that may have arisen, and help them with their personal development.

  • Our Rigorous Selection Process

    At JCS, we take pride in placing the best personnel to our clients. In order to ensure this happens, we evaluate the skills, such as with our own language assessment and skill assessment based on big data, of all of our registered staff to ensure the best possible match. Only after consulting with our registered staff and ensuring they match our clients’ needs, we place them.

JCS, Helping You with Our Exceptional Staff

At JCS, we are proud of our more than 40 years of experience with staffing service. We have an exceptional track record of placing language specialists to meet our clients’ needs. Of our registered specialists, almost 70% of them have a TOEIC score of more than 800.

JCS primarily specializes in placing staff to non-Japanese firms, Japanese firms, international organizations, and non-profits for translation, interpretation, event secretariat, and general English-related work.