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Hokkaido New Chitose Airport Portom Hall Opened November 1st!

The New Chitose Airport Portom Hall was inaugurated at the New Chitose Airport International Terminal on November 1, 2019. The New Chitose Airport—often called the air entrance of Hokkaido—is used by more than 20 million people annually, expanded its international terminal in August due to the continued expansion of its international routes. The New Chitose Airport Portom Hall, newly established in this terminal, is an excellent location for conferences and events that attracts foreign visitors, whose numbers are expected to increase.

It has a main hall, which is equipped with moving seats and is suitable for theater events for 300 to 400 individuals, a foyer, which is an open exchange space where travelers can easily walk in straight from the international arrivals lobby, and a multipurpose flexible seminar room. The Portom International Hokkaido, a luxury hotel, is scheduled to open in January 2020, thereby creating a perfect set with accommodation for incentive tours.

We at JCS, using the operational expertise from operating various conference facilities to manage the New Chitose Airport Portom Hall, aim to contribute to advancing the convenience and attraction of the New Chitose Airport and the vitality of the meetings industry in Hokkaido.

  • Main Hall Main Hall
Seminar Room

Terminal Facilities

At New Chitose Airport, there are a variety of things to do, such as shops, restaurants, a museum, theater, and hot springs(onsen).

Hokkaido Ramen Hall
Hokkaido Ramen Hall
New Chitose Airport Theater
New Chitose Airport hot springs(onsen)

New Chitose Airport

The New Chitose Airport has excellent access to various areas in Hokkaido, including major cities in Japan and overseas, famous tourist spots such as Sapporo, and resorts surrounded by nature. Inside the airport, you can enjoy not only items available only at the airport and gourmet dining but also appreciate a relaxing space with amusement spots, such as a chocolate factory and museum, movie theater, and hot springs(onsen). The airport is packed with attractions to keep you engaged as it seems to be a waste just to go there to get on an airplane.

Noribetsu hot springs(Onsen)

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