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JCS to Plan MICE Events in Kyoto Nijo-jo Castle, World Heritage Site

Special Events at a Special Venue: JCS will support your special event at Kyoto's Nijo-jo Castle,World Heritage. Nijo-jo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in the Kyoto city.

As an official MICE coordinator of the Nijo-jo Castle and a well experienced event-specialist, JCS will help create and organize your one and only MICE event of any kind, such as parties or exhibitions. With its historical and cultural atmosphere, Nijo-jo Castle is sure to be the excellent choice for your event venue. We promise that you and your guests will have a special and memorable experience of a lifetime.

Nijo-jo Castle

Also known as the former Nijo Rikyu or Rikyu Nijo-jo Castle, Nijo-jo Castle is a flatland castle built by Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1603 in downtown Kyoto.

Nijo-jo Castle is known as the place where the Edo Shogunate began and ended after Yoshinobu Tokugawa returned power to the Emperor. The entire castle is designated as a National Historic Site, Ninomaru Palace (6 buildings) as National Treasures, 22 buildings and 1016 wall paintings of Ninomaru Palace as Important Cultural Properties, and Ninomaru Garden as a Special Scenic Site. The castle was also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (World Cultural Heritage) in 1994.

Nijo-jo Castle MICE Plan

Fine sweets will be prepared for the outdoor party
Fine sweets will be prepared for the outdoor party
Reception in a normally private area
Meals in Koun-tei while enjoying the scenery
Meals in Koun-tei while enjoying the scenery
A traditional play will be held in the Palace Kitchen

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