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Reasons to Choose a Japanese Expert for Translating Text to Japanese

Non-Japanese companies, when expanding to Japan, cite reasons such as having a high disposable income, being up to date on the latest trends, and having high-quality infrastructure. With that in mind, for non-Japanese companies considering expanding to Japan or for companies who wish to start working with Japanese companies, creating Japanese versions of product manuals or web pages and understanding contracts written in Japanese is essential. Japanese is considered one of the hardest languages and translating it correctly while ensuring accuracy is the first step toward business expansion. Here are some the reasons for why it is important to appoint an expert Japanese translation agency to translate texts into Japanese.

Japanese is difficult, even for the Japanese.

As with any language, there is a huge difference in simply being able to explain the gist of something and explaining it in a pithy yet eloquent way. We have included some examples of this in Japanese below.

  • Subjects might be vague, even if they are used.
  • A slight mistake with even one particle, such as te, ni, wo, and ha, can completely change the meaning of a sentence, or make it sound completely unnatural.
  • There are various levels of polite language, such as sonkeigo, kenjougo, and teineigo. The language to be used changes completely depending on one’s position in the chain of supply, such as a “customer” or “supplier.” Especially when combined with lack of a subject, a mistake here can convey the opposite meaning.

For business communication, where accuracy in conveyance of information is essential, if there are a lot of ambiguous or misleading expressions, one’s business partners might feel uneasy and this could possibly lead to loss of trust. In order to avoid the possibility of that happening, when translating texts into Japanese, we recommend choosing an expert Japanese translation agency. Not only do native Japanese translators and checkers have an expert understanding of Japanese and difficult-to-translate areas, they can also identify subtle differences in nuance and recommend the best possible ways of expression. While non-Japanese translation companies undoubtedly have native Japanese translators, Japanese translation companies have large numbers of them registered and spread across multiple fields and disciplines, and are thus able to provide world-class translations. Translation agencies have professional translators specializing in fields such as IT and law so a translator who is an expert in the required field can be assigned.

Examples of Requests from Outside Japan to Japanese Translation Agencies

We have received requests for our world-class translation services for numerous items such as corporate information pamphlets and correspondence with Japanese subsidiaries and trading partners. The number of requests from non-Japanese companies considering expanding to Japan about bid information and contract documents has been increasing as well. A brief overview of other requests we have received is below.

Corporate outline presentations, Corporate outline pamphlets, Corporate websites,
Product outlines, Catalogs, Marketing materials, Public Relations materials,
Blogs, Internal documents, Emails, and Training documents.

Strengths of Japanese Translation Agencies

Providing Exceptional Quality Translations

Only the best translators can get registered. For most translation agencies, only around 10% of those who take the trial translation pass and are registered. In addition, in order to ensure high-quality translation, after an item has been translated, it is checked by another translator to ensure there are no errors or omissions, thereby ensuring world-class quality.

Prompt Action and the Ability to Interact in English

Apart from rare cases with an exceptionally large request or very rare field, prompt replies to requests with estimates and deadlines are the norm. As these are translation agencies, most employees have no difficulty in communicating with clients in English. In addition, if there is a time difference of 12 hours and a sudden request pops up in the middle of the night, rather than asking a translation agency in one’s home country, it would make more sense to take advantage of the time difference and consult a Japanese translation agency, thereby ensuring that work can start sooner.

In Summary

Here are the reasons why non-Japanese companies should choose a Japanese translation agency. In order to succeed in business, it is essential to overcome any language-related barriers. Japanese is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, and attention needs to be paid in order to ensure high-quality translation. By appointing a Japanese translation agency, the translation will be handled by someone who understands the item and can communicate it in a concise and eloquent way, thereby leading to smoother communication. Contact us to find out how we can solve your language problems.

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