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3D World Performances Linking the Real and the Virtual! Latest Exhibition Technologies from Outside Japan

What enlivens international conferences, shows, exhibitions, and similar events is the part that often creates the biggest impact – performances. Because the performance part is what everyone remembers the most, the audio, visual and lighting components of such events are essential. There have been continuing advancements in audio-visual and lighting technologies, which keep delighting and amazing audiences in new ways.

One of the pioneers in the events industry and which is notable for its history of innovation, is the Dorier Group, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Dorier SA was established in Switzerland in 1976 following the introduction of the first simultaneous interpreting system, and the company has since then become famous as a provider of cutting-edge audio and video solutions in Europe. JCS and Dorier Asia, a member of the Dorier Group, established their joint venture, Dorier Japan, in 2013. This joint undertaking has enabled us to tap the latest technologies in events managed by JCS and the MCI Group and provide the cutting-edge audio-visual and lighting support to performances, and this delight audiences as a result.

Overwhelming Impact to Convey Messages on a New Dimension

Now, we would just like to introduce examples of the latest performance solutions from the Dorier Group. At a Mercedes Event, they had a performance that utilized 3D LED. The 3D Stage, using LED technology, seamlessly linked the real and virtual and enabled the transmission of the message Mercedes wanted to communicate in a manner that can only be described as being on the next level. The use of the 3D LED created an environment that magnified the power of the performance that worked to cast a powerful impact on all the people watching right there and there. The said performance showed not just to the attendees but also to the producers the limitless possibilities technology can bring about, thereby leaving a big impact on everyone and making the event a big success.

Only a small number of events in Japan have made use of that scale of audio-visual and lighting technology, but the trend is definitely spreading. Under these circumstances, the ability to utilize the latest technologies available in our group to support the performance know-how is a huge advantage. One of the biggest strengths of Dorier Japan is its understanding of global standards trends and its ability to provide services that bridge the gap between markets in Japan and the rest of the world. Rather than being left behind in this era of ever-increasing change, the understanding and utilization of these technologies, or working with a partner who understands them, is essential.

About Dorier Group

Dorier Group provides video, audio and lighting equipment, simultaneous interpretation booth equipment, and comprehensive technical services, from installation to operation and removal, to some 3,000 client projects at various events all over the world. The Dorier Group specializes in creative planning and production such as stage design, 3D and CG venue / drawing design, and content creation and is currently focusing on content development for project mapping and humangram (a word recently coined for human and hologram, i.e., digital humans). These technologies make it possible to create a 3D image of the recorded video and display it on the stage screen so that multiple people in different locations can appear to be gathered in the same location.


MCI-JCS JAPAN INC. is a company jointly established by JCS and one of the world’s largest professional congress organizers (PCO) and association management companies, the MCI Group. In response to increasing inbound demands, we provide services that meet the needs of non-Japanese clients who hold meetings in Japan. We also aim to provide inside Japan advanced solutions already implemented by the MCI Group outside Japan.

Written by Takaya Mera


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