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Host guests with the FIFA World Cup™ Official Hospitality Programme

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ has ended with a victory of for France. JAPAN CONVENTION SERVICES, INC. is an authorised Sales Agent of MATCH Hospitality in Japan for the sale of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Official Hospitality Programme. As more and more people have chances to see and hear about the hospitality programme in Japan where holds several big sports events for the next few years, we would like to introduce the efficiency of the Official Hospitality Programme.

What is the Official Hospitality Programme?

The Official Hospitality Programme is a package includes tickets for matches, foods and drinks at special hospitality areas, such as lounges, private suite, and so on, and this has been sold mainly by companies mainly in Europe, China, and South Africa to host guests at the highest quality.

The Official Hospitality Programme has several products. At the most upscale TSARSKY Lounge, you can enjoy gourmet dishes are freshly prepared at chefs stations at the lounge with an excellent view of the pitch. At MATCH Private Suite you can watch matches at stadium seating located directly in front of your private room. Even MATCH CLUB, the most reasonable hospitality package, costs about 4 times as the normal CAT 1 ticket, but this time in Russia, approximately 14,166 (people out of 80,000 witnessed the final with hospitality packages).
Now I would like to introduce why the hospitality packages are so popular all over the world through what we have witness in Russia.

The Best Programme to Host Your Guest

The Official Hospitality Programme is, as the name suggests, a programme to invite and host your guest. You can find this purpose easily by the fact that the maximum hospitality packages sold to one group are 40 as the normal match ticket is 4, and the names on the hospitality tickets are the hosts as the normal match tickets are spectators and it enables guests to know who invite them. The packages were enclosed within high-class envelope which colored black and gold.

The most characteristic feature of the Official Hospitality Programme is that your guest can enjoy a match at a special atmosphere. You can maximize your benefit by hosting your guest’s once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Entering the Hospitality Area

The guest can enter the stadium from the designated gate smoothly and this was the one of the special benefit for guests since in Russia many of the match days were hot weather.

Once you pass through the gate, the guest would feel a sudden transformation from the excitement outdoor to the relaxed atmosphere at the hospitality area. Receptionist and Attendants in elegant uniforms will take care of guests and the guests will arrive their hospitality areas comfortably.

Extraordinary Hospitality Area

The hospitality lounges of the upper products are as if they were restaurants of five-star hotels and you can enjoy buffet-style dining and excellent view of the pitch. The intercommunication between the excitement of the pinnacle of the world and relaxing lounge only through one door makes the hospitality packages more beneficial and special. Until the kick-off time, your guests spend luxurious times taking pictures, eating fine foods and communicating with others in the face the FIFA World Cup™ and should realize they were invited to the special place.

Invitation to Experience a Once-in-a-Lifetime Moment

The guests move to the excitement once the kick-off time is coming close. If you are in MATCH PRIVATE SUITE, the seats in front of your suite are also only for you. If some of your guests would like to take a break during the match, they can go back to their suite easily and enjoy drinks and food. It means any guests can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment regardless of their gender, age, passion to football. After the match, guests can relax at the lounge for one hour and leave less crowded stadium.

Editor’s Note

Watching a match at the FIFA World Cup™ is a very special experience, but with the Official Hospitality Programme the experience would be more extraordinary, and guest can never forget this once-in-a-lifetime moment. We will keep supporting your activities to host your important guests at sports events. Please feel free to contact us.

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