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JCS Is Proud to Manage CEDEC+ KYUSHU 2019, a Conference for Game Creators

CEDEC+ KYUSHU 2019 was held on November 23, 2019, at the Kyushu Sangyo University, in Fukuoka. The conference aims at broadening the community of computer entertainment developers in Kyushu while providing them with the latest technological information.

The Largest Conference for Game Developers in Japan

CEDEC is held for game developers by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA). The conference was held for the first time in 1999 at Makuhari Messe and has since then been conducted every year. In addition to CEDEC, which is regularly held in Yokohama, there is CEDEC+, which is a conference held in regional areas, with focus on CESA members in a region. CEDEC+ has been held in Kyushu since 2015, and the number of conference participants has been increasing each year.

Various programs were held at the CEDEC + KYUSHU 2019 virtual studio. Examples include augmented reality production, keynote speeches by prominent guest speakers in the gaming industry, and 41 sessions by game designers and creators. Altogether, there were more than 1,800 attendees, greatly exceeding the number from last year.

The Virtual Studio—for the First Time in Kyushu—Enabled Attendees to Take Pictures with Popular Characters

With the Virtual Studio in CEDEC+ KYUSHU 2019, which was supplied by Virtual Cast, Inc., attendees were able to take pictures with Hinaka Hoshina from the GEMS COMPANY, CC Chu from CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd., Jibanyan and Professor Layton from LEVEL-5 Inc. Attendees were also able to print their pictures for free, which proved highly popular and led to long lines.

Completely Full Guest Lectures

For the keynote talk, Mr. Taro Yoko, President and game director of BUKKORO, gave a lecture about the second worst way to make a game in outer space. Mr. Hiroshi Matsuyama, President/CEO of CyberConnect2, was the moderator for this lecture. A total of more than 1,000 people listened to the witty dialogues and lectures of Mr. Yoko and Mr. Matsuyama here and in another venue.

As a special guest lecture, Mr. Yosuke Saito, Director and Executive Producer at SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD., gave a talk entitled “Anyone can be a Vtuber! My experience using Virtual Cast with GEMS COMPANY.” Hinaka Hoshina from the GEMS COMPANY provided assistance to the conference and was in attendance during the lecture portion. The packed audience appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed the lectures.

After the Lectures , a Developers’ Night for the Participants and Speakers

Coming after the sessions was the Developers’ Night. It was attended by over 400 participants. Beyond being an opportunity for attendees to talk to and discuss with the speakers and event sponsors information presented during the sessions or exhibits, the Developer’s Night was a networking event well-received by all. Finally, as a representative of the Operating Committee, Mr. Matsuyama gave the closing remarks.

We at JCS are proud to have taken care of every aspect of this event, including the handling of speakers and sponsors and the provision of operational support on the day of the event. Attendees included professional designers, creators, and students – the future designers and creators. We were pleased to have organized such a lively networking event that linked the attendees to the game industry.

We thank all the attendees and other parties for their cooperation.

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