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JCS Employee Gives Lecture On Revitalizing Regions with Meetings industry Business at Nihon University

On July 11th 2019, Masato Owada, Department Head of the Meeting Industry Promotion Group, was proud to be able to give a guest lecture at Nihon University College of International Relations (lead by Manabu Shishido) entitled the “Meetings industry Business.”

The themes of the lecture were “Revitalizing Regions with the Meetings industry” and “Approaches toward the meetings industry in Each Region.” Owada started with some background, such as why international conferences are held, then moved on to the current status of the meetings industry within Japan. Finally, he spoke about the success factors linked to the meetings industry business in the future.

Many positive comments were received from students, such as, “Thinking about the future of Japan and tourism, it seems that the meetings industry is full of potential, so I need to know more.” Students, given their personal experience, tend to associate things with traveling abroad individually, and miss the bigger picture, but thanks to this lecture they were able to gain an understanding of the economic impact, and its importance, brought by non-Japanese visiting Japan on business.

At JCS, we recognize the importance of people in the meetings industry, and we are striving to create the next generation of meetings industry leaders.

Lecturer profiles

Japan Convention Services, Inc.
Masato Owada
Meeting Industry Promotion Group, Department Head

Owada originally joined JCS in the Public Facilities Department. After that, he helped to create a meetings industry network throughout Japan as part of the Corporate Planning Group. Currently, he gives presentations and seminars at corporations and local governments all over Japan, focusing on topics such as Destination Marketing Organizations operating meetings industry venues, regions receiving visitors, and industrial revitalization.

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