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JCS to Give Endowed Lectures on MICE Theory and Practice at Rikkyo University

JCS will give 14 endowed lectures on MICE theory and practice to the third and fourth-year students of College of Tourism, Rikkyo University, from Thursday, September 20.

The lectures will explain the significance, functions, and effects of MICE from the viewpoint of inbound tourism, regional vitalization, and tourism promotion, while covering both the theory and practice to develop the students’ business skills. Lecturers will include the Director of MICE Promotion at Japan Tourism Agency, Executive Sales Promotion Manager of Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (managing company of PACIFICO Yokohama), President of JCS (Japan’s leading MICE company), and JCS employees who work at the forefront of MICE industry. They will give lectures and workshops from the viewpoint of MICE practitioners.

JCS is a leading convention company with 50 years of experience in organizing international conferences and medical meetings, and works on various projects with the government and municipalities. Using such experience, JCS will teach the theory and practice of MICE at College of Tourism, Rikkyo University, which has the longest history of tourism education among four-year universities, to help develop the human resources in the growing tourism industry.

Outline of endowed lectures at College of Tourism, Rikkyo University

Title: MICE Theory and Practice
Period: Thursday, September 20, 2018 – Thursday, January 17, 2019 (14 classes)
Time: Every Thursday, 4th class: 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (90 min.)
Venue: Niiza Campus, Rikkyo University
Students: 30 third and fourth-year students of College of Tourism (scheduled)

Background of the lectures

The Japanese government aims to ensure that Japan becomes a “tourism-oriented country” as part of the growth strategies for the Japanese economy. By 2020, it aims to increase the number of foreign tourists to 40 million (28.69 million in 2017) and the travel consumptions to 8 trillion yen (4,416.2 billion yen in 2017). Facilities and human resources must be developed urgently to respond to the increasing number of foreign tourists.

Contents of the lectures

September 20 Explanation of the lectures, MICE in the tourism industry, and significance of learning about MICE today
September 27 Significance of MICE
October 11 Urban branding for attracting MICE (1)
October 18 Urban branding for attracting MICE (2)
October 25 Group work: Let’s attract international conferences – Presentations for the organizer –
November 8 MICE policies of Japan Tourism Agency (Director of MICE Promotion at Japan Tourism Agency)
November 15 Various works that support MICE business
November 22 Roles of PCO in international conferences (case study: attracting international conferences)
November 29 Interpreting/translation and PCO
December 6 Group work: Attract a conference to Japan (discussion)
December 13 Group work: Attract a conference to Japan (presentation)
December 20 Integrated Resort
January 10, 2019 Management of MICE facilities (Director of PACIFICO Yokohama, one of the largest convention complexes in the world)
January 17, 2019 Management of PCO, prospects of MICE industry (President of JCS)

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