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JCS Offers an Endowed Lecture Series on Regional Marketing Studies at Toyo University

JCS offers an endowed lecture series in Regional Marketing Studies at Toyo University. Beginning on April 11, 2018, the lecture series consist of 15 lessons intended for sophomores studying under the Faculty of International Tourism Management.
Lecturers include the department manager of the Regional Development Division at the Japan Tourism Agency; the executive manager of the Ehime Prefecture Tourism Bussan Association, which plays an active role in stimulating regional tourism, and JCS employees active on the front lines of the business. Each lecturer makes presentations or organizes workshops from their own practical and unique perspective.

JCS is a leading company in the convention industry that has managed international conferences and medical congresses for over 50 years. For example, JCS managed the Kobe Port Island Exposition and the International Exposition in Tsukuba, Japan (Tsukuba Expo ‘85). JCS also stimulates the regional economy. It works closely with government and municipalities and plays a role in regional revitalization. One advantage of its achievements allows JCS to teach marketing theory and practice for regional revitalization for the Faculty of International Tourism Management, Toyo University, which was established in April 2017. JCS efforts support human resource development in the expanding tourism industry.

Overview of the endowed lecture series at the Faculty of International Tourism Management, Toyo University:

Lecture name: Regional Marketing Studies
Lecture period: April 11, 2018 to July 25 (15 lectures)
Lecture time: Period 3 (13:00 to 14:30, 90 minutes), every Wednesday
Lecture place: Hakusan Campus, Toyo University (5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku)
Intended students: 50 sophomores, Faculty of International Tourism Management (as planned)
Professor in charge: Prof. Shigeru Sasaki, Department of International Tourism Management, Faculty of International Tourism Management, Toyo University


The government has set the goal of a “Tourism-oriented country” as one pillar of Japan’s economic growth strategy. It has mapped out the goal of increasing the number of foreign visitors to 40 million (a cumulative total of 28.69 million visitors in FY2017) by FY2020, with an expected tourism consumption amount of 8 trillion yen (a cumulative total of 4.4162 trillion yen in FY2017). This has caused urgent issues of building facilities and educating human resources to manage the increasing number of foreign tourists in Japan.
In addition to visiting Japan’s big cities and sites like Tokyo and Kyoto, foreign tourists are increasingly visiting local regions replete with originality. The acquisition of international and domestic visitors to stimulate local economies has become one of the keywords of the effort to revitalize smaller regions.

Lecture content:

April 11: Guide to the lecture series
April 18: Tourism business and its environment
April 25: Tourism business and how to manage a declining population (Japan Tourism Agency)
May 9: Marketing theory (needs, wants, demand, and understanding STP)
May 16: Marketing theory (What is 4P in the marketing mix?)
May 23: Apply marketing theory to regional tourism (workshop)
May 30: Develop regional resources for tourism (a case study: Niseco)
June 6: Develop regional resources for tourism (a case study)
June 13: Organizational activities that provide the basis for regional tourism (Ehime Prefecture Tourism Bussan Association)
June 20: MICE-based tourism business
June 27: Strategic PR (the difference between PR and advertising)
July 4: Regional tourism that uses strategic PR (workshop)
July 11: Regional tourism and digital marketing
July 18: Innovation to solve regional issues
July 25: Wrap up and reflection

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