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JCS Signs up for the TEAM EXPO 2025 Program and Co-creation Challenge

JCS has teamed up with universal design consulting firm Mirairo to launch the “Leave No One Behind” MICE Project and registered for the TEAM EXPO 2025 program and co-creation challenge being held by Expo 2025 (Osaka/Kansai). An overview of the project is up on the Team Expo 2025 official website.

What is the TEAM EXPO 2025 program/co-creation challenge?

This initiative, launched by the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition, aims to bring the theme of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” to life, to contribute to achieving the SDGs, and to call on everyone to work together on building the ideal society of the future. Registrations opened in October 2020 and as of late February 2021, 69 teams have signed up, including ours.

“Leave No One Behind” MICE Project

Today, when it comes to running meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE), it is very difficult for one organization to fully cater to the needs of all participants, including people with disabilities, people from different cultures or countries/regions, or people who speak different languages. Facing up to this reality, this project aims to plan and run MICE in a way that “leaves no one behind,” harnessing the knowledge and know-how of both our companies. We also intend to grow the “Leave No One Behind” MICE Project further through co-creation with the people who need these kinds of services.

What the JCS x Mirairo Team can do

Staffing Global interpreters / top-class domestic interpreters / sign language and caption interpreters / those who have passed the Universal Manners test
Networking31-country network / network of people with disabilities
Technology and know-how ISO20121 (Sustainable event management) / Expert knowledge of universal design / Mirairo ID disability handbook app
Communication and PR The websites, social media channels and media networks of both companies

Connection to the Osaka/Kansai Expo

When holding any kind of large event, be it an international conference or an academic gathering, we believe that ensuring broad and diverse participation, regardless of nationality, gender, ability, age or special needs, makes life better (gives us strength) and promotes social cohesion (connects lives).

Connection with the SDGs

This project is aimed at addressing SDG 10 by providing opportunities for more diverse participation and services. We will take on the challenge of resolving the issues by providing opportunities for people to learn about Universal Manners and gain more global perspectives (SDG 4), through co-creation with a variety of companies and organizations, each with our own strengths (SDG 17).

JCS was founded in 1967, inspired by the international sports events held in Tokyo in 1964, and is a pioneer of Japan’s convention industry. Since handling language support for the Osaka Expo in 1970, we have overseen countless MICE, including international conferences and medical conventions, and provided staffing, training, event management and other services to ensure their success. Our headquarters and Kansai branch were the first organizations in Japan to gain event sustainability certification ISO20121.

Mirairo aims to make society as inclusive as possible and provides consulting on universal design leveraging the stakeholder perspectives of people with disabilities. Through the Team Expo 2025 co-creation challenge, Mirairo and JCS will build a legacy of MICE that are accessible to the greatest diversity of people.

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