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Language and Event-Focused Staffing Services

Nearly 70% of our language specialists have a TOEIC score of more than 800.
We provide specialists who have passed skill assessments.

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Three Service Plans

JCS, with a track record of over 13,000 conventions per year, places staff with strong skills in fields such as event management, hospitality, interpretation and translation, and office work to meet our clients' needs.

Reasons to Choose Us[id="01"]

  • Ability to supply language specialists

    We are proud of our more than 50 years of experience in providing staffing services, specializing in language interpretation, translation, secretarial operations, and office work using English. We have almost 4,000 registered specialists with TOEIC scores of over 800, and we cover language services not only in English but Chinese, French, and many other languages.

  • Our original education and training programs

    We have established our original education and training programs. We offer high-quality staffing services that include job-specific skill checks, assessment tests based on a database of tens of thousands of people, language proficiency tests, and hospitality training tailored to our clients' needs.

  • Careful matching

    In addition to regular meetings with our staff, we conduct careful interviews with company representatives to ensure win-win relationships between both parties. By accurately grasping both staff and company wishes and ideas, we realize an ideal matching, which is only possible with people, not AI.

Our Track Records and Case Studies[id="02"]

  • Foreign-affiliated medical manufacturers

    Centralized management of seminars held across the country, from arranging staff to the operation

    セThe management of seminars has become complicated, cutting into employee core work hours and preventing them from verifying seminar effectiveness and conducting of marketing activities. The company has also faced the problem of securing staff to handle on-site operations on weekends.

    We set up a secretarial staff within the client's company to manage projects and streamline their work by sorting out their duties. We arranged staff to match each seminar's needs and directed the management to limit seminars to weekends.

  • Global IT company

    Using our original database, a short-term position was covered with prompt staff selection.

    A customer support position needed short-term, work-ready staff amid tight succession and training schedules. Securing staff with business-level language skills was challenging.

    Using our original database of more than 15,000 registered staff, we proposed personnel with broad customer support experience at foreign-affiliated companies and ensured their stable operations.

  • Japanese real estate company

    Creating a centralized management structure for simple and streamlined operations, which included translation.

    The company separately handled real estate translations such as sales contracts and building construction documents, quality control of the translated materials, and management of outsourcing partners, complicating procedures for work requests and coordination.

    We arranged for experienced staff in translation and office work in English to handle communication with outside vendors and administrative tasks, in addition to translation. By creating a centralized management structure, we were able to simplify the customer's operations, leading to greater efficiency.


With over 40 years of experience, we provide staffing services that strongly connect companies and people based on trust. Our representatives are dedicated to your company. They will carefully listen to your needs and provide comprehensive support from our human resource proposal stage through the staff's working period. During the dispatch, our representatives will also provide follow-up to facilitate communication between your company and personnel and assist you in ensuring a stable operation.

  • Interpretation / Translation

    Simultaneous Interpretation|Consecutive|Interpretation|Translation|Translation Check|Interpretation / Translation Coordinator|Localization|Support available in Foreign Languages (English, Chinese, Korean, and others)

  • Administration / Office Work

    General Office Work|Sales Admin|Office Work using English|Accounting Admin|HR Admin (Recruitment and Labor Management)|Legal Admin|Trade and Customs Clearance Admin|Secretary|Company Reception|Public Relations, Advertising, and IR|Planning

  • IT / Engineer

    SE/System Engineer|Programmer|Network Engineer|Operation Management / Maintenance|User Support/Help Desk|CAD Operator|WEB Designer

  • Telesales / Sales / Customer Service / Retail Sales

    Sports Hospitality Staff|Showroom Presenter|Call Center|Sales Staff|Support available in Foreign Languages (English, Chinese, Korean, and others)

  • Light Work

    Warehouse Management|Loading and Unloading|Line Management Operation|Manufacturing Staff (Assembly and Processing)|Packaging, Journaling, and Inspection Work

  • Event / Spot Job

    Business Meeting Interpreter|Venue Reception|Visitor Guide|Examination Supervisor|Assistant Supervisor|Online Event Equipment Adjustment|Narrator|Material Distributor|Others

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible for staff to telework (work from home) under a staffing contract?

It is possible if certain conditions are met. Please contact us for details.

Q. Can you dispatch staff only for the end of the month, beginning of the month, or just for one day?

We can dispatch staff for one day at a minimum. It is also possible to use our service at certain times of the year or days of the week, depending on the business’s peak demand. However, if the staffing contract is for 30 days or less, there are restrictions on the nature of work and staff. Please contact us for details.

Q. Can you dispatch staff for shorter hours or two to three days a week?

We can flexibly respond to your request.

What are the restrictions on the period for accepting staff?

The following two restrictions apply to all types of work:

(1)Per client office
The period in which the same client’s office can accept a dispatched worker is, in principle, up to three years. (If the client wants to accept the worker for a longer period, it is necessary to obtain opinions from the client's majority labor union.)

(2)Per each dispatched worker
The period in which the same dispatched worker can work in the same organizational unit (so-called "section," etc.) is up to three years.

Note: The duration limit does not apply to the following exceptional cases: staff employed for an indefinite-term; workers 60 years of age or older; work for a period that is limited to a fixed number of days; fixed-term project work, and substitute work for employees on maternity leave, childcare leave, and nursing care leave.

What is the fee structure for staffing?

During the dispatch period, we charge a monthly fee based on the hourly rate multiplied by an actual number of hours worked by dispatched staff. Depending on the contract, we may separately reimburse you for necessary expenses, commuting, and other costs.
Estimates of the hourly rate will vary depending on the type of work, duration, etc. Please contact us for details.



We provide all-inclusive outsourcing services, covering all types of tasks that occur in your workplace.Utilizing over 40 years of experience in staff/task management,
we can help you clarify your goals for success and offer support that leads to higher profitability.

  • Hospitability Services

    Hospitality Support to VIPs|Showroom for Business / General Customers|Meeting Room Management|Facility Management|Tourist Information, etc.

  • Multilingual / Language Specialists

    Interpretation|Translation| AI / Machine Translation Checking | Response to Foreigners|Report Creation|Research, etc.

  • Testing / Conference Management / Various Events

    Secretariat Management|Venue Reservation|Examination Supervision|Participant Support|Online Distribution|Equipment Setup|Pre-event Video Recording, etc.

  • Customer Contact

    Response to Inquiries (Phone / Online Chat)|Member and Customer Support|Information Center, etc.

  • IT-related Services

    System Operations|System Construction / Maintenance|Help Desk|User Support|Application Support, etc.

  • Desk Work / Routine Work

    General Affairs|Recruitment|Accounting| Counter Service|Company Reception|Ordering|Data Entry|Document Shipping|Warehouse Work|Light Work|Document Data Conversion, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between outsourcing and staffing or contracting?

Difference from staffing
The primary difference is the presence or absence of commands and orders from the client to the worker.
In staffing, workers (dispatched staff) perform their work under the company/client's direction and order. In contrast, in outsourcing, the company (outsourcer) is not allowed to give direct orders to the workers. Workers perform under the direction and orders of the contracting company.

Difference from contracting
The primary difference is the purpose of the work. The objective of contracting is to complete the job, but outsourcing aims to process the operation.
Please note that contracting is the same as outsourcing in that the company (outsourcer) cannot give direct orders to workers.

Q. What types of work can be outsourced?

There are no restrictions in principle except for jobs requiring occupational licensing, such as professional services and other work prohibited by special laws.
Outsourcing is suitable for tasks that can be standardized or easily converted into manuals. Even operations that are not currently covered by rules or manuals can be outsourced by analyzing and reviewing the contents.
However, since outsourcing is to be directed and managed by the contracting company, it may not be the best choice for some operations, depending on the scope and contents.

Q. Is it possible to shift from a staffing contract to an outsourcing contract?

It is necessary to establish a business operating system following government guidelines to shift from a staffing contract to an outsourcing contract.
In outsourcing, the company cannot give direct orders to workers, as in a staffing contract. Thus, it is necessary to create an environment beyond merely concluding a contract, such as physically establishing an independent work environment and ensuring that the company’s (contractor’s) employees understand the operation rules based on the guidelines.
If you are thinking of shifting your business to outsourcing, please contact us.

Q. What is the fee structure for outsourcing?

We charge for the work with which we are entrusted.
In most cases, we charge a fixed fee for a complete set of services or a metered fee based on the number of cases processed. An introductory fee may be required, depending on the work.
Estimates are calculated on a case-by-case basis, with costs based on various items such as the environment to perform the outsourced work and labor costs. Please contact us for details.



What is a referral?

In a referral, JCS introduces personnel who match the requirements of the position the company wants to hire. Since referral is provided based on a contingency fee system, no fees are charged until the staff member starts working. The biggest advantage is that such referrals can supply high-quality human resources while reducing recruitment advertising costs.

What is temp-to-perm?

In temp-to-perm, the staff is not directly hired from the first day of employment. Rather, they are hired after a dispatch period of up to six months, upon mutual agreement between the staff and the company. As such, the company has time to check the staff's ability and aptitude during the dispatch period, thus preventing hiring mismatches.

The difference between referral and temp-to-perm

The advantage of using referral lies in the contingency fee system, which means there is no cost until the staff is confirmed for the job. JCS will coordinate the interview and contact the staff until they join the client company, thus reducing its recruiters' workload. The advantage of temp-to-perm is better staff retention, since there is a period to assess whether the staff is suitable for the company, which prevents mismatches after direct employment.

Steps for Concluding a Contract[id="06"]

  • STEP 1

    Hearing about the position

    • Our sales representative will make a detailed hearing about the background of the job and requirements for the needed staff, and propose an optimal recruitment method.
  • STEP 2


    • We will propose human resources who match your requirements from a roster of staff who passed our original skill checks, language tests, and aptitude assessments.
  • STEP 3


    • We will conduct document screening and interviews at your company for the personnel we have referred.
      (Our sales representative will coordinate the schedule.)
  • STEP 4

    Start of work

    • The work starts under a staffing contract. (The dispatch period is up to six months.)
    • We will charge the dispatch fee based on the working hours during the dispatch period.

    Note: Referral does not involve this step 4.

  • STEP 5

    Confirmation of intention

    • JCS confirms your company's and the staff's intention to hire and join the company, respectively.

    Note: Referral does not involve this step 5.

  • STEP 6

    Decision and entry into the company

    • If both parties agree to employment at the company, you will complete the employment procedures, and we will charge the recruitment fee.