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The Origin 1964

Before the start of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, internationalization in Japan was proceeding rapidly. Foreigners were coming to Japan for business in ever increasing numbers, and the demand for interpreting and translation services increased. Against this background, one man saw a new business opportunity.
It all started from there.


The Beginning 1967-69

In 1969, mankind went to the moon. To the Japanese people, the moon was an incredibly far place, but one small step for JCS was one giant leap for Japan in the international stage.
Japan Convention Services, Inc. was established on December the 7th, 1967.


Blossoming 1970-1979

JCS, after managing part of the Osaka Expo in 1970, developed a reputation as a manager of high quality international conferences, and blossomed into managing medical conferences and other events.


Development 1980-1989

Japan in the late 1980s was in the midst of the bubble economy. JCS benefited from a regional exhibition boom, and JCS developed by improving its training and the increasing number of meetings.


Refinement 1990-1999

In the 1990s, the bubble ended and the Japanese economy quickly got worse. In order to support the economy, the government created a legal structure to support the conference industry. JCS started to use IT to refine and improve conference management.


Expansion 2000-2009

Sensing that conferences were changing in Japan and being held all over the country, as evidenced by the 2000 Kyushu and Okinawa Summit, and the 2002 FIFA World Cup, JCS set up offices throughout Japan.


Never-ending Change 2010-2017

In order to better meet our clients' needs, we have kept on improving our service, our overseas network, our human resources system, and compliance system.

JCS, on December 7th 2017,
Celebrated its 50th anniversary,
JCS is still changing for the future.