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JCS Holds the “Leader Meeting” for Administrators Working in Municipal Offices and Libraries

JCS has been involved in the operations of libraries and works related to family registers as well as certificates of residence in municipal offices for 17 years. As the number of operations entrusted to us by municipalities is increasing each year, the Facility Management Department provided training on communication and management to administrators of entrusted libraries for more efficient, stable facility/service operations.

The training entitled the “Leader Meeting” was an opportunity for administrators from different areas to get to know each other. The participants shared each other’s cases and actively discussed effective measures to overcome challenges. JCS will continue to provide further training to connect municipal office employees.

Participants worked on a team project
Participants worked on a team project
They wrote down their initiatives at work


Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Japan Convention Services head office

Contents of training

  1. Participants’ introduction to each other and recreation
  2. Lecture by the Human Resource Manager (communication, management training)
  3. Group work (sharing of case studies)
  4. Team-building (Horenso game)
  5. Exchange session

Post-training conclusion

Many participants commented that they were able to find new measures after sharing experiences, management tips, and brainstorming with other participants. The training provided them with not only solutions, but also an opportunity to increase their passion and motivation for work.

The participants also commented that they discovered new ideas for everyday operations such as how to create an environment that improves employees’ attitudes toward work. In the post-training questionnaire, most of them answered that the contents of the training were impressive.

  • They presented team reports and shared information They presented team reports and shared information

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