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Solving Your Issues in Any Field

Kazuko Akiyama

Senior Researcher, Public Relations and Meetings Industry Research Institute

After obtaining her Ph.D (in science), she worked as a flight attendant for a non-Japanese airline, and also assisted with environmental education elementary school students. After working in the Marketing Department at KidZania, a theme park where students can experience a variety of occupations, she started with her job at JCS in 2017. She focuses on how people perceive items, especially after experiencing them, and objectively measuring this.

Her specialties include consulting and designing and conducting studies and surveys

Tatsuo Arai

MCI-JCS Japan and Meetings Industry Research Institute

He has an extensive, distinguished record of taking a leading role in intergovernmental meetings such as APEC, G7 Summits and large medical conferences, among others. He has been indispensable for developing our international network and maintaining exceptional relations with our overseas counterparts.

His specialties include international expansion in the meetings industry.

Yukari Ikeda

Association Group, Healthcare Business Development and Meetings Industry Research Institute

After graduating from university, she joined JCS in 1988. After several years of medical conference management experience, she was promoted to account director and then senior producer. She has a track record of excellence with a number of conferences, both national and international, and has used this to successfully market Japan as a destination and to organize international medical associations.

Her specialties include, bid assistance, marketing, planning and consulting for national and international medical, dental, and pharmaceutical conferences.

Masato Owada

Regional Business Development

From 2003 on, he joined the Public Facilities Department, and from 2010 he helped manage the Kobe International Conference Center and Exhibition Hall. From 2015, he has helped to manage the Sendai International Center. His expertise is in using the meetings industry to ensure the success and future of local economies.

His specialties include managing the facilities at international conference centers and exhibition halls.

Yoshiya Kato

Web Marketer, Public Relations and Meetings Industry Research Institute

Yoshiya Kato is a video editing specialist, and took a leading part in producing the pictures and videos used for an exceptionally successful children’s theme park famous throughout Japan. In addition, he created the theme park’s website, which received over 5 million page views per month. After that, he took a leading role in web marketing for a short-term lodging service.

His specialties include digital marketing across a wide variety of media, such as websites, videos, and social networks.

Yasemin Karatas

MCI-JCS Japan and Meetings Industry Research Institute

During her time in university, she participated in a study abroad course in Japan, and, after graduating from university in Germany, she joined JCS in 2015. She is in charge of bid assistance, marketing and managing international conferences as well as corporate events held by Japanese companies. In addition to being an expert in intercultural communication, she is able to not only present a non-Japanese perspective on items in Japan, but able to put a Japanese perspective on non-Japanese things. As part of this, she regularly works on intercultural marketing with Japanese

Her specialties include corporate events, such as banking, international conferences, marketing, sales, bid assistance, and exhibitions overseas.

Waka Kobayashi

Conference Management Group, International Business Development

She joined JCS in 2008. While planning and managing governmental and non-governmental events both in and outside Japan, she worked to spread Japanese culture overseas. Recently, she has been involved with development of a business matching system at exhibitions. In 2017, she was proud to become the 20th person in Japan to become a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).

She is one of the few Certified Meeting Professionals in Japan.

Yuya Shirahama

Conference Management Group, International Business Development and Meetings Industry Research Institute

After graduating from university in the US with a degree in tourism, he joined JCS in 2017. In addition to being in charge of conference management, he takes an active part in promoting the meetings industry outside of work, particularly to students and young people. He has been a member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) since he was a student and currently serves as a member of committee of the Japan Chapter.

His specialties are bid assistance, marketing and managing international conferences for both the public sector and academic areas.

Shizuka Higashikawa

Healthcare Association Group, Kansai Regional Headquarters and Meetings Industry Research Institute

Since 2008, she has been in charge of international meetings. While working at JCS, she went to graduate school and obtained a Masters in Foreign Language Education. Her specialty is Translation / Interpreting (TI) Literacy education. She aims to improve the quality of international meetings in Japan by working in translation and interpreting theory in her everyday work.

She is a member of the Japan Association of Interpreting and Translation Studies.