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Meetings and Events

Taku Mizukami

Pharma Group, Meetings and Events Design

My job simply isn’t to plan and manage meetings and events for clients – there is much more to it than that. Our clients are not only clients, but they are also our partners, so I take my time, understand theirneeds and wants, and ensure they are realized. This isn’t just doing exactly what they say but rather go beyond that to deliver an exceptional meeting or event. In addition, I feel that is the best part of my job.

Waka Kobayashi

Corporate Events, Meetings and Events Design

Each and every client is different, and so their meetings reflect this. Because of that, I always spend a lot of time working with clients to understand their needs, to work in new ideas and, in order to ensure a successful event. I’m proud to be one of the few Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) in Japan.