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Association Management and Outsourcing

At JCS, our track record of success is not limited to conference management, and we stand ready to support medical associations with a variety of outsourcing services. Our services cover everything from managing the association entirely to only part of it: such as membership management, committee support and publishing journals. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help your association.

Steps for Outsourcing

At JCS, we are ready to deliver a customized plan detailing how we can help your association.

  • STEP 1

    Needs Assessment

    • Our team meets with you and discusses your goals and gap analysis.
    • We meet with you and discuss the desired service levels and targets.
  • STEP 2


    • We propose our plan and estimate that reflect your goals.
    • As necessary, the goals and estimate are refined and a final plan is agreed upon.
  • STEP 3

    Contract and Handover

    • After the final plan is agreed, the contract is signed.
    • Handover work is started.
  • STEP 3


    • Progress is managed to ensure SLA targets are met.
    • We regularly meet and confirm the scope of work.

Examples of Outsourcing Services

  • Membership Management and Support Services

    At JCS, we can manage all your membership data and update new members, leavings, change of board and committee members. We can also handle billing and collections.

  • Meeting Support Services

    We can do all of the work for your committee meetings, from arranging a venue to sending notifications, issuing letter of appointment and making meeting minutes.

  • Accounting Services

    JCS can meet all your association’s accounting needs, from everyday bookkeeping to meeting audit requirements and financial forecasting. We will also work with tax accountants to meet Japanese tax requirements.

  • Journal Publishing Support

    We can support editing of printed materials, such as newsletters and journals, from sending requests for submitting papers and requests for reviewing and then proofreading to final mailing work.

  • Anniversary Support Services

    We are ready to provide total support for your anniversary and memorial events, from planning the event and managing guests, producing commemorative publications and videos to managing the event onsite.

  • Accreditation Support Services

    We stand by to support your association for any kind of services regarding accreditation; such as managing inquiries, supporting for qualification process and sending result notifications.

We can also provide the following services.

• Creating, updating and maintaining your website.
• Preparing financial and budgeting documents.
• Support with creating and updating bylaws and other legal documents.
• Managing and operating education systems, such as e-learning systems.
• Support for seminars and training sessions.
• Support with conducting and analyzing questionnaires and surveys.
• Support for membership and board member elections.